french feminine form of 'may God protect' (84trillion) wrote in egl,
french feminine form of 'may God protect'

Pics from Christmas

Er, I realized I hadn't posted these, and so... pics of Loli!Me from Christmas Eve!

Edit: Some people are having trouble viewing the pics, and some aren't, so I'm going to go ahead and move them all over to ImageShack and see if that helps... so try it again!

Blouse, Bloomers & JSK by Metamorphose - Tights by Target - Shoes by Lolita-Lola

Haha, and if it's not bad enough that none of these are actual Loli-like poses or anything, this one would be proof that the women of my family tend to molest all outside men who come into said family, and this includes my 80 year old Grandma. Who likes to grab my & my mom's boyfriend's butts. XD


I really like this outfit. The JSK is definitely a short one, and I'm just under the 5' mark. It's also very tight on the bust for me, but a super-compression bra helped matters a tiny bit and I think a better one would help it even more. I'd like to get a headdress, or at the least, something to wear on my pigtails. I'd also like to get a shorter petticoat, because I wore this dress with only the built in one as the one I have from meta poked out the bottom even after rolling the waistband up! I really like the look of tights with this, too, because I feel like knee-high or over-the-knee socks would really just cut of my legs funny.

Anyway, open to suggestions as usual, hope you guys like the pics!
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