mrduckyduck (mrduckyduck) wrote in egl,

I recieved my skirt!

I recieved my skirt swap skirt today. :)

I'm not joking.
If you have dial-up and you enter, don't complain.

Thanks to Industrialkitty for organizing the holiday skirt swap. :)

My skirt swap partner is the most kind, deepsetthinker (Lain).
I must say, I am EXTREMELY happy with her skirt that she made for me. It is absolutely stunning.
Let's go through the whole package, shall we?
(I actually ripped it open already, but redoing the steps. xD; )

This is the adorable little package she sent me. It was tied with a light blue ribbon. She also sealed the packages with little adorable stickers.

She wrote me a note!

Here's the card with an adorable lolita picture on it.

Little package number one.

A stunning headdress! (I honestly never liked headdresses before until I saw this one!)

An up-close of the beautiful flower on the side.

Back of the headdress. (At the right area you can see her stores' logo [Crazy Hearts Productions])


The skirt! :O~~~

Up-close of the detail

Up-close of the up-close

She even sewed in an innerlayer aww! :)

As you can see, there are no raw, fraying seams. Her work tittilates me.

The whole set!

Now time for pictures of me wearing it. Most of them are not good pictures. Sorry. :(
I hope I did the skirt justice.

I had to wear a gray cardigan becaues it was the only jacket I have that would even REMOTELY look good with the skirt. It's cold here now. :(

At first this picture was really dark. This is the best I could do without making it the picture like a giant lightbulb.

My first time wearing a headdress. :D

Have I mentioned I'm the leader of a triad? I kid. I kid.

Just a regular mirror picture to show the outfit. :D

Thanks for looking! :D

Thank you Lain for giving me such a wonderful skirt. I love it ALOT. I am so lucky to be paired with you.
BTW kids- Lain might open her store again! <3<3<3
With quality like this, I'm on her stuff like fat on fat people.

I'm just generally excited.
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