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Art Post and Help

Hello I'm Gara you may know me if not hello ^-^

A larger image can be found at my Devianart Which I JUST got so only a few sketches ALOT more loli based art work to come so check me out once in a while lol ^-^;; (Sorry for the whoring)

The image is of a innocent girl who has a lock over her eye and the other one is empty and blind, the bird has a blind fold and can not fly because of the key attached to it's leg it's ment to be a message,LOL I know kind of Random neh? Yeah the saying The eyes are doorways to a person's heart is when the lock came into play being that the only eye that works is locked so that her soul can't come out so she is just a doll fate hasn't come into play yet. Hee hee I love key's and locks mostly key's because you never really know where they can lead you
^-^ <---strange

Destiny is right in front of you even if you can't see it...

Each thing in this piece is ment to show somthing ^-^ I hope you like it even if the scanner made it look weird LOL

ART HELP Anyone here that does art work or has the Painter program can you please send me it or tell me where I can get it for free (SORRY NO MONEY)I really want to use this program ;_; so PLEASE do help! I'll make you somthing? LOL

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