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Pin-curls for long-haired lolitas

A few days ago carnet_atelierposted this tutorial on how to do pin-curls - much discussion ensued about curls on long hair. I tried it out and 

I have very long hair (easily hip length) that's mostly straight with a little wave at the ends. It's not really fine, but not coarse either, and it normally holds styles fairly well. I'm no expert in hair curling, but since I've curled my hair a decent amount for dance/theatre, I pretty much know what I'm doing. I had tried doing curls this way before, but found that they never stayed up and never dried...because, I realized, I was using too much/too wet hair.  Anyway, this time I followed the tutorial pretty much exactly - using almost-dry hair and smaller amounts, and it took me about 30 minutes (not counting the emergency trip to RiteAid for more hairpins).  I kinda ended up with more waves than curls, but since that's what I was going for, it didn't really matter.  However, I'm doubtful that I could get actual ringlets with this method, because of the weight of my hair.  Just twisting it and pinning it didn't give my hair enough support to curl around, and it came out a little stringy.  Also, it's been about 4 hours since I took them out (and since the pictures were taken) and they're starting to fall pretty badly (but I didn't use any hairspray, so that may be part of the problem).
Here are some pictures of how they came out:
A picture of the back of my head...I didn't think to take pictures before I went to bed, so they're a little mussed from being slept on.  I have about 20 little buns.

After I took them out (they were completely dry - about 14ish hours after I put them in).  As you can see, they're really more like waves and kind of stringy.  I think this has something to do with the twirling that happens when you wrap the hair around your finger - the twisting causes your hair to lie round, rather than lying flat when you wrap it around a roller.


Close-up of one and a smaller bunch of curls.

All-in-all, it worked okay.  I wouldn't suggest trying to get ringlets this way - you'd probably be better off doing rag-curls or just rollers.  Some suggestions though:
Definitely use hairpins instead of bobby pins.  Hairpins can open up a lot farther to accommodate thick hair and will actually hold better if they're put under a lot of stress.  Bobby pins can only open so far, and they tend to slide out if you try to stuff too much hair into them.
Try to start at the top and gradually move down your head.  If you work from the bottom up or from side to side, you may accidentally pin some hair under a lower bun that you later need to curl in a higher one.
Also, I found it really hard to get the buns at my hairline to stay in place because there was less hair for the pins to grab onto.  It would be better to make all the curls up higher on your head so when you get to your neck or around your face, you'll have plenty of space to pin them up higher as well, rather than at the very edge of your hair.

Hope this helps!

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