Lee, lye, and rose (black_cheshire) wrote in egl,
Lee, lye, and rose

WTB/ WTT Black Stained glass OP for Black Tartan Check Shirred JSK (Other JSKs welcome.)

I know that this is a long shot. D: But I want to trade
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More information about my OP can be found Here. If you don't want to trade, please name your price on the JSK, I'd like to buy it. ^^:

Unfortunately, I don't know the price that the JSK was orignally sold for, but if it was sold for more than the OP, I'll be happy to add to my offer.

Is anyone interested? Other JSKs are welcome to be shown, but this particular one gets priority.

If I don't get any offers here that I like, I'll be putting the OP up for auction. It is NOT however, up for auction right now. ^^

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