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DS: Irregular Choice shoes/taking offers on Suppurate System brooch.

I'm short of money this month for lots of things, so I decided to sell a few items that I don't/can't use much. 

General information

Payment is in UK pounds, via paypal (I'm also willing to accept cheques from UK based buyers), for which I don't charge fees.

Shipping is by recorded and insured methods, for everyone's protection.  Prices are listed in each item description.  Shipping costs are basic price of postage, rounded up to the nearest whole pound (this is to cover my time for taking items to the post office etc), plus around £1 for packing materials.

I only have feedback as a buyer so far, but most of it mentions the fact that I get things done promptly and keep in touch throughout transactions, which should give you an idea of how I conduct online sales.  My ebay feedback is here:

Now, onto the items...

Irregular Choice pink sweet lolita Hello Kitty shoes of utter cuteness

More images:
<--side view  <---inside <---soles

Fantastic pink Mary Jane style pumps from Irregular Choice.  They've got all the cute little details that make this brand so great - sweet little Hello Kitty styled print all over, dimpled toes, and awesome rose pink soles (these shoes look good from every angle!).  They're made of real leather (fully lined in the same, too) in a lovely shade that's like baby pink but darker.

The shoes are marked as a European 38, or UK 5, but I can't tell for sure whether they fit to size or not since my feet seem to have shrunk and I have no idea what size they are.  They're about average in width though, since I can get them on but they're too narrow for my wide-arse feet to wear comfortably (this is the reason I'm selling them.

The shoes are basically in as-new condition.  The price tag is still on the sole of one, and the only sign of any wear is some slight scratching/paint coming off on the soles, which is no worse than you'd get from them being tried on by people in a shoe shop.  This is basically the only way they've been worn - tried on a couple of times for short enough periods to persuade me they don't fit.  However I no longer have the original box, so they will be shipped in the box from a pair of Doc Martens.

These were £50 originally (I can take a photo of the price tag if you want), since there's slight scuffing to the soles and I lack the box, I'd like around £30 for them.

Shipping will be as follows:

International:  £12 (by Airsure)
UK:  £6 (Special Delivery, similar to Airsure/EMS but for domestic shipping)
Europe:  I didn't check this but I suspect it'll be somewhere in the middle, so I'll say £9.

Any questions or additional photos required, please ask.

Suppurate System Ruin Virtu Silver rose brooch with chains <--official pic, as you can see mine is slightly more silvery.

Awesome brooch for gothic/aristocrat/punk looks from Suppurate System.  The combination of the old-fashioned elegance of the rose with the toughness suggested by the chains and finish is really cool :).  I purchased this from another member of this community, and have only worn it a couple of times.  I'm not sure how much she wore it but it was in apparently perfect condition when I got it, and is in the same condition now that I'm selling it.

Shipping on the brooch will be £7 by Airsure internationally.

In the UK shipping by Special Delivery will be £5.

Shipping to Europe will be an estimated £6.

I paid just over £35 for this brooch, and I'm not sure quite what to sell it for considering it's condition, so if you want it please make an offer over £25.

I'll be taking offers until 8pm on the 8th.

Once again, any questions or anything, please just ask :).

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