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Essentially I've been in the most horrid mood today, and I can't seem to shake it , so I figured I might as well distract myself. Besides, I've wanted to request some images for a long time now.

I've really wanted to see some pictures of various dresses on actual people for a while, because I am really itching to buy something nice. A full ensemble eventually, but just the dresses would be great for now.

It isn't a 'help me choose' post, It's just that on a mannequin with a good photographer so many clothes can look so flattering and in real life it's not -quite- as you anticipated. I know all the clothes will be beautiful and all, but I want to fall in love with one I see on a person, y'know, with a head and full body.

So if no one minds contributing pictures of themselves wearing any of these, I'd be most grateful, thanks ahead of time. I know a lot of these are probably a long shot but, if I even get one person willing to share I'll be more than pleased. I'm just fine with off topic comments as well, it's nice to hear from the people here regardless.

[Okay so technically it's a skirt.]
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting [MOST ESPECIALLY THIS. Or the orange, or pink variations too I suppose. I know people bought them! I just haven't seen any pictures!]
[This was shown to me by a friend [sankuu Rara <3] Who has ...really impeccable taste. I'd love to see pictures of it in either red or black.]
And this is SO amazingly pretty, but it's in the VM reserve, so anything similar would work just fine. I'm in love with the shape of that thing. <3

While I'm at it I might as well ask--My petticoat sorely...lacks. I've heard a lot of good things about ITS and Meta's organdie petticoats, but I'm almost wondering if from brand to brand the skirts are built slightly different, and if you buy something from say, Baby, would a Baby petticoat really work best for it? Or are petticoats just generally the same and my thought is juvenile and ridiculous? It's quite possible, I'm silly sometimes. I'd just like a nice...fully poofed thing with a nice shape. I'd rather not have to break my wallet on something that's merely going under the dress to be perfectly honest, but quality is quality. I just don't want to buy something from one brand and find out that it've been best if I kept within that brand for the other parts to go with it.

Thanks, guys. <3
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