Damagedgarden (damagedgarden) wrote in egl,

DS: accessories

Hi! I need to make some room in my closet so I am selling some of my small accessories and I'd like to sell them fast. Direct Paypal payment ONLY. If you do not have paypal, I might be willing to conider a Money Order. Just let me know. ^-^ shipping is included in prices. All items will be mailed out within 3 days of receiving payment and all packages will be mailed safe postal envelopes.

Striped Over Knee High Socks (Pink/White)

These socks have been gently worn. Hand washed once. Will be washed again before sending. No wear or damage. $16

Angelic Pretty pink tote

I adore the print on this tote! I really hate to sell it but I just don't own enough pink clothing. This bag has been used many times and has been hand washed once before. It is very roomy and made of very thick material unlike many of the other totes I own. It is still in good condition and has a lot of life left in it. I will have this cleaned again before sending. $20

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Sweet Check Purse

I LOVE THIS PURSE! Unfortunately like I said I have nothing pink to match it. This purse is new and has only been used once for less than an hour. (just pics mainly) It is big and very well made. Closes with a soft pink ribbon, has an inner pouch. Made from heavy material. $75

Thanks for looking! :D
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