Saki Asamiya (fasdpideu) wrote in egl,
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Showing off my pathetic oekaki skills! Why yes, that would be a blatant rip-off of the VM bustle skirt~

I've been goofing around since I got my drawing tablet for Christmas, though not much, since I also got Tales of the Abyss. This would be my only egl-appropriate doodle so far.

As for any other notes on the drawing itself, its still really weird to not look down on where I'm drawing. Also, I didn't realize that I saved the thumbnail(JPG file) on 4chan instead of the full image(PNG file) so that's why the compression is bad. Not that it really matters, OpenCanvas wont let me open PNGs so I wouldn't have been able to fix my full image(at the moment, 4chan is working on their oekaki servers, so I'm not able to just load up my drawing and finish it there)

Oh well, not like I wasted 100 hours on it or anything~ XD

FYI: The brown thing is Pedobear of 4chan. Its kind of a lame joke on the interchangability of the word "loli" :\
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