kimmm (xbiteyourtongue) wrote in egl,

Hang 'em up, I'd say.

After plowing briefly through a bunch of LJ entries via the search engine to see if my question has been asked/answered, I've decided that whatever came up was only slightly relevant and I figure I ought to ask anyway. :D

So guys...girls.

With all your headdresses, alice bows and other lacy/ruffly/colourful/plain/decorated headpieces.

Where do you hang them? O:

Do you find a special - uh. I don't know what it's called, but it's a wood/plastic/breakable stand sort of thing that stores use to put headbands, bits of jewelry and other such things on. Or drape things over, depending on the merchandise. (The ones I've seen look like a log cut in half and put on a square block. Just to describe it in a nonsensical way.) But anyway, do you have a special stand for them?

Or are they hung/placed wherever they fit?
The back of a chair, a hanger in a closet, stuffed in your chest of drawers, ect.

Personally, mine are draped over a hanger. But it feels like I ought to put them in a better place so that they don't end up with a permanent dent in them. x:
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