Kit (sisterite) wrote in egl,

Coordination Help, Please. ^_^

Good evening, ladies and gents. Could you please help with coordinating on outfit for me?

I have the antique white Meta Toybox jsk and an off-white cutsew. Unfortunately, I don't have anything that is antique white to match with it. I'm just wondering if other people think that this looks okay, or if this is a big no-no!

The only other thing that I can think to do is wear it without a blouse at all, but I think that's only okay during the summertime, correct?

EDIT: To add to everyone's hints; I was planning on wearing this with a pair of red shoes, off-white stockings and a red hoodie to make it a wee bit more casual. ^_^ Does this sound okay?

Any hints or tips would be most welcome! Thank you for your time and thoughts! ^_^
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