My Fake Plastic Love. (dykestar) wrote in egl,
My Fake Plastic Love.

Fairytale in Winter

More photos along the winter lolita theme, but this is also a shoot I'd wanted to do for awhile. Unfortunately it started to rain as soon as I started so I couldn't get into deep woods like I'd wanted, but anyway, I hope these kind of tell a *tiny* bit of the story we all know and love!

Once Upon a Time...

...A young girl donned the red cloak that her mother had made her for traveling,

Packed up a basket of sweets,

And set off to visit her sick grandmother, who lived in the forest.

She was a bright, cheerful girl. Everybody called her Little Red Ridinghood because of her cloak, but her friends just called her Red.

For even when she wasn't wearing her cloak, she still wore an awful lot of red.

The first part of her journey through the forest was easy, but soon enough a cold wind began to blow, and it began to rain.

Red decided to seek shelter and set up a temporary camp.

She also snuck a few of her grandmother's sweets, but figured the old lady would never notice.

Near the spot Red had picked for her break, she found a mirror.

It began to talk to her. "Hey, good lookin'," it whispered in a voice that made Red quite uncomfortable, "Why don't you stay awhile?"

She'd heard all about magic mirrors like that from a very pretty girl who, for some reason, lived in a small cottage a few acres away with some dwarves, so she decided to pack up and keep moving. Not long after leaving her campsite, her grandmother's house came into view! Red could almost taste the sweet tea and feel the warm fire that must be glowing inside.

But as Red neared her grandmother's small house she stopped short.

Something just didn't seem right...
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