Serena Skylark (serena_skylark) wrote in egl,
Serena Skylark

Art Post! YAY!

I got really inspired by the last post. So I though I would post up some of my art. ^__^
Hope you guys don't mind my art.

Well... As you can see this one isn't done yet. Hope you don't mind.

I got inspired by Moi-Meme-Moitie so I thought I would do something in that style. Does it look something that would come out of Moitie? Also if anyone has any idea what I should colour her hair, I would love to hear it.

Media: Copic Sketch Markers/Copic multi liners

A sketch of a lolita girl I created for my animation project. And this is my style I draw in.

I really like this picture alot. I especially like the design of the dress. Do you think its too busy?
Well does anyone have any idea what I should colour it?

*If you notice... she doesn't have any hands, and her eyes are far apart. And she has no nose.*  *I did these on purpose.*

As for comments if you are going to critique just please make it constructive. I hope you all like it.


I hope to post up more art in the future.


Sorry about the scans. My scanner sucks.

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