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DS: Innocent World Skirt

Blue Innocent World Skirt with Scallops and faux bustle - Trade or $130 +Shipping
This is a great skirt that you will love to add to your collection. I have the original tags for this dress and I have only worn it outside of my house once. It has recently been cleaned. I only have pictures of it on before I got a nicer petticoat. If you have anything decent to put under it it should look great. The previous owner was the first and only tried it on.

For Trades
I am looking for a gently worn brand skirt or hoodie for this. I'm pretty flexible, so don't be shy. Even a well made hand-made hoodie would rule. Cutsews rock. If you have a cutsew dress I will even do a partial trade for that and pay you.

Pictures- - Cruddy petti - Front Laying Flat (from first owner) - back laying flat (from first owner)

Measurements -
Waist - 25" Max
Length - 20" from Natural waist to bottom lace. This skirt is lovely for me since I'm 5'8" but I've seen it on a smaller girl and it's purdy as well.


My Ebay Feedback

Shipping will be calculated once I know where you live. I ship everything in boxes so it doesn't get smushed. I hate smushed stuff.

Please comment here with questions about these items and offers. My email is kimberlee.redman "at" if you prefer privacy and I will see emails faster than lj comments.

Thank you for looking.
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