Kirsten (kvlt_kitty) wrote in egl,

Good source of pretty parasols.

A few weeks back I was in Harvey Nichols  in Edinburgh, and in my ever-continuing quest to find pretty bras that fit I headed to the lingerie section.  I got talking to one of the sales assistants and mentioned the way the department was decorated, which was fantastic.  It was festooned with parasols and umbrellas in various shades from white to a dark antique white, all hanging from the ceiling.   They were all very pretty and old fashioned and generally loliable, so I asked her where they got them from, and she pointed me in the direction of this site:

A lot of their stuff is pretty expensive, as you might expect (£80 for an umbrella, anyone?), but there are a few lovely pieces for relativly cheap, and for UK lolis especially it's a nice source of pretty parasols for a bit less than importing from Japan.  The quality (from what I saw in HN) is much nicer than those horrible Battenburg lace parasols on ebay, and for not much more.

Here's some good stuff I found: <---nice £20 parasol/umbrella in white and antique white.  I've not seen many parasols in a dark shade like that. <----a nice ivory coloured, frill-edged parasol that's £15. <---this one's actually called the Lolita Parasol...but it's close to £100 and not actually that nice ;-).

There might be some other nice stuff that I've missed, too.
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