Mika (ravenslolita) wrote in egl,

DS/auction: Full Metamorphose Lucky Pack

When I got home tonight I found the my roommate had signed for my lucky pack and was quite happy. However, after opening my lucky pack I quickly found that nothing was in my size! To tell you the truth this lucky pack would be my dream pack if it was only a little bit bigger. So, I would like to resell my pack to someone else. 

This pack totals up to over $370.00

Starting Price: $135.00
Shipping: $9.00 (within USA)
BIN: 210.00 with shipping (within USA)

Auction ends Sunday night at 11:59pm PST (really midnight but this makes it easier) unless someone would like to do the BIN.

Here is an image of my Lucky Pack:

I have feed back in a few places: 
LJ: http://ravenslolita.livejournal.com/2000/08/03/ and on loligoth_dbs
Ebay: chirolyn_no_onna

Payment: I take Paypal, postal money orders, cash (at your own risk)
Please note: There is a 4.9 +.30 fee for paypal credit card payments because I have a personal account so I'd like not to have to deal with that if I can.
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