lauren ♥ dearie-love (kuramew) wrote in egl,
lauren ♥ dearie-love

[DIRECT SALE] Baby, the Stars Shine Bright White Skirt

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright White Skirt
I purchased this skirt off of Yahoo! Japan not knowing that it was without it's back waist ties, but it wears normally like all BABY skirts since the waist ties are usually only for decoration and can be taken off. It has an elasticized back, is fully lined, has a side-zip closure and was taken off the BABY site recently, though I've saved measurements and original stock photos of it. Nevertheless, this skirt appears to be in good condition.

Measurements: (According to the BABY site)
Waist: Approx. 62-67 cm (Though I would say it can stretch up to 70.5-71 cm).
Lenght: Approx. 50 cm

Price: Starts @ $75.00 USD SOLD!

I will take the highest offered price as the buyer at tomorrow 7 PM PST (U.S. West Coast Time, 1/4/07).

There's also a BUY-IT-NOW option for $90 USD.

Shipping: $6.00 USD Priority Mail + Delivery Confirmation within the U.S.

Payment: Paypal (preferred), Money Order, Check
Credit card Paypal'ers are responsible for 4% fees.

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