X Hotaru X (jexika) wrote in egl,
X Hotaru X

Piccies at my mum´s house

hello everybody and happy new year too, this days i went to visiting my mom and i took some quick photos with my outfit, and i wanted to share them.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

the skirt was an amazing found at a second hand store, it was a dress and i adapted to me as a skirt, is real velvet and i love the color and the print, with the rest of the dress i made a hat, i hope you can see it.
sorry i´m showing a little of petticoat, the blouse is handmade and sometimes i hate it because i have to pull it down to don´t look messy in my chest but i forget to do that here, and... it looks messy.
i love the necklace because is a mini gold bag that my grandma gived to me, the parasol was altered by me too. and the shoes and socks are the same from the post before.
my face looks weird but it always looks weird,
i hope to take better pictures with this skirt because i really love it, and remember it was a quick photoshoot.
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