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DS - Alice and the Pirates Fukubukuro

I was unable to get a Baby bag this year, but I did get an AatP one! Unfortunately, it proves to not be my style, so I'm passing it on!

In this bag is a skirt (black w/white), blouse (white), headdress (black w/white), school socks (black), pullover hoodie (white), tote bag (black), and 2007 calender (pink ^_^). They are all very casual. No fluffy ruffles here.

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The items are all black and white, and it creates one fully coordinated outfit.

The skirt is not elasticized at all, but it fit me (73cm waist)... I don't think anything higher than that stands a chance... Sorry.

I have no pictures of the bag itself because it was just a generic red bag that I ditched to save space (I was lugging quite a few bags that day...), and any detailed pictures of the items would spoil the fun! One thing I will say is that the skirt is very similar in style to this Baby one.

Asking price: I decided to treat this like one of my shopping service purchases, and charge the appropriate fees + shipping (EMS)

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