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♥ Let’s Learn the “Maiden’s Way” from Mr. Novala Takemoto ♥

Since people are requesting the translations, and I have been able to complete this one to my own satisfaction (meaning, I fixed all the mistakes my professors pointed out), I have decided to post this a little early. I hope this is satisfactory. (/;A;)/

♥ Let’s Learn the “Maiden’s Way” from Mr. Novala Takemoto ♥
Translated by murasaki_kaze, 2006
Takemoto, Novala. "Let's Learn the 'Maiden's Way' from Mr. Novala Takemoto." Gothic & Lolita Bible ゴシック&ロリータバイブル Vol. 18. 2005: 83-86.

No matter how much you wear cute clothing, or how much time your makeup takes, if your inner self is remiss then true beauty will not be yours. In other words, from morning to night, even at times when people aren’t looking at you, you cannot forget to continuously make an effort to be beautiful. Loafers do not have the capacity to become a maiden.

For whose sake do we light the fire of obsession for beauty? To be frank, it is for your own sake. If you make your number one priority coming closer to your desired ideal of a maiden even a little bit, or becoming the “you” that you want to be, then no matter how the people around you react you won’t be able to let it go. First of all, I want you to hold onto preferences, specific to you that you will never let go for anything in the world, and pursue those preferences completely. In doing so, you should naturally come to have confidence. Those people who make use of their aesthetic senses in fashion and everyday life are satisfied with themselves, and that’s why they appear to shine so brilliantly.

I often take the question, “How does one become a lovely maiden?” However, the answer is only within you. The one who spoils you the most is you. That is why the only person who you must strictly connect with is no one else but you yourself. If you discover your own style, then no matter how mixed up an outfit you make, it is something that will inexplicably be realized.

However, if you try to acquire your own style, then, regardless of fashion, you should also touch upon lots of different things like music, movies, books, art, etc. Sometimes, there may even be a necessity to get close to things you have absolutely no interest in, or things for which you have no aptitude. When doing that, you’ll naturally understand what is necessary to you and what isn’t.

Ultimately, the important thing is intelligence. It’s impossible for stupid people or people with no curiosity to become maidens no matter how hard they try. Even if you have no money and can’t buy the clothes you want, you can still refine your senses by going to the stores and checking, or even just looking at magazines. Of course, in the beginning, you’ll repeat a lot of mistakes and it’ll be really embarrassing.

However, don’t forget that the path to being a correct maiden opens only to those who aren’t afraid of that and push forward.

Five Articles for Becoming a Lovely Girl
1. Neglect not your inner self. Be warned that God grants no beauty to loafers.
2. If you long to be a maiden, then define yourself as your own rival.
3. Style is not something granted unto you. Indeed, it is because you made it, that it has value.
4. Stylistic sense is refined according to intellect. That is the maiden’s greatest weapon.
5. Keep snacks to under 500 yen. If you get carsick, then sit in the seat near the window.
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