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my pretty hat and my dance outfit.

i've been searching for a fun pretty mini top hat and i went to micheals and i so refuse to pay five bucks for some crappy piece of felt, so i went home mad and started putting together a hat. i made a top hat out of black cardboard, and covered it with black velvet, and then trimmed it with lace. it's absolutely perfect. now all i need to do is find ties and tie it to my head and go.

on another note. my school semi formal winter dance is tuesday and i'm going to be wearing what i like to call my victorian vampire outfit. this entails a black long skirt, with three layers of lace at the bottom. almost on the floor. a victorian blouse with the poof shoulders and sleeves with the attached ruffles and bow at the front. i am making a black lace head piece, but my questions for this outfit are.. what to do with my hair? and what for shoes?
i have shoulder length sandy blonde hair with bangs, and as for shoes i was thinking either my huge stompy black platform boots, my platform maryjanes, or my black velvet ribbon laced victorian shoes.

do tell. i need opinions.
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