Jai Graham (tartlet) wrote in egl,
Jai Graham

DIY Lolita Crafts?

Hello Lolis,

This plea for help is a little long, so I put it behind a cut so I wouldn't destroy FL's. ^_^

So I'm really really close with my nextdoor neighbor's daughter, who is 11. She's like my little sister, and since I've gotten really into lolita fashion and lifestyle, she's followed suite. Her parents are very supportive because she's also learning a lot about the roots of lolita in the victorian era. (However, I suspect this might change if she starts dressing like me every day... heh.) I'm teaching her how to sew on a sewing machine and how to handstitch, but it's a very slow process and she gets frustrated sometimes when things go awry.

I was wondering if anyone had any other lolita crafts that would be a little less tedious for her? I have taught her own to make her own mini-crown. (though I did a lot of it because of the wirecutting) She's eager to jump right in and make her own skirts and dresses, but I'd rather give her simpler projects to start on and then by the end of the summer help her make her own basic skirt.

The last issue is that because she's in elementary school, I'm afraid that if she wears a lot of lolita accessories she'll be teased a lot. I guess what I'm looking for is something she could make herself that would be lolita, but not something so over the top by American boundaries that she'd be afraid of wearing it... something a little more casual. (And I'm not looking to open a debate on casual loli not being lolita at all, I just want some craft advice!) It's different for many of us on this community because it seems like we're all old enough to deal with the criticism surrounding our fashion. For Nicole, she's only in fifth grade and would be very aware of any teasing directed at her.

Thank you all in advance!
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