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Search Terms

Several people have been asking for what to search for on Yahoo Japan Auctions, so I thought I would create a list of the best terms to search for for those people who don't know Japanese. Just copy and past the terms into the search field, but make sure you set the search to fashion (ファッション) to keep from getting random results. If you have other terms you use to search, feel free to comment.

To search for lolita you can use ロリ, ロリィタ or ロリータ. Each brings a lot of entries that you have to sift through. For gothic lolita use ゴスロリ.

Angelic Pretty - Angelic Pretty / アンジェリックプリティ
Baby the Stars Shine Bright - Baby Stars
Black Peace Now - BPN
Peace Now - ピースナウ
Emily Temple Cute - エミリーテンプル / エミキュ
Heart E - ハートE
h.NAOTO - Naoto / ナオト
Innocent World - イノセントワールド
Jane Marple - ジェーンマープル
Juliette et Justine - Juliette
Mary Magdalene - メアリーマグダレン
Metamorphose - メタモル
Miho Matsuda - ミホマツダ
Moi meme Moitie - Moitie / モワティエ
Putumayo - プトマヨ
Victorian Maiden - メイデン
Vivienne Westwood - ヴィヴィアン

Specific Items:
Socks - 靴下
Shoes - 靴
Blouses - ブラウス
Skirt - スカート
Head Dress - ヘッドドレス
One Piece - ワンピース
Pannier - パニエ
Fukubukuro - 福袋

White - 白 
Black - 黒
Red - 赤
Cream - 生成
Pink - ピンク
Light Blue - サックス
Tags: *angelic pretty, *baby the stars shine bright, *black peace now, *emily temple cute, *h. naoto, *heart e, *innocent world, *jane marple, *juliette et justine, *mary magdalene, *metamorphose, *moi meme moitie, *putumayo, *victorian maiden, community: useful links, marketplace: mbok, marketplace: yahoo!japan
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