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What is Lolita now?

After I read an answer comment about "Tattoos in EGL!" from *someone*, I have feel the need to talk...

For you, what is Lolita? I mean, not only the clothes, but the...mentality? Go read some Takemoto Nobara, and see what a true lolita is, a proper maiden. If you guys want to scrap the fashion for your own needs, and destroy the culture by not respecting the foundations, go, you are free! But you should call your fashion in another way than lolita. In few years, what will be considered lolita here will be completely different from the very source of the fashion, and I don't talk just about the clothes.

"The pictures were not serious and lolita sdrink beer even the all so perfect Japanese ones."

You're so wrong. How can someone who tell something this...erm...false..? (to be polite...) and call itself...a lolita? I would refer you my dear to the article "Manners for Lolitas & Aristocrates from G&L Bible #4"

It's sure that we need not to follow ALL the rules there, like what to wear on what kind of party, but this reflect the essence of what a *lolita* is. The essence, you understand?
You don't care at all? You want to do all the **** you want? Okay! But stop kill the true fashion like that. It will be a shame for the true ones to be associated with you. For you, lolita are cute punks in pink lace and frill? FINE! Call that a sweet punk?

And, Miss *Someone*, I want to present my apologies, because I didn't check the date, I just turned red when I saw the debate and I could not do anything else than answer.

"Because of you inability to let things go and to have civil conversation"

Like I said, I turned red. Like now. These things are so important to me, I'm a warrior for the trues values. And for the letting go things, I repeat myself, I didn't check the date.

I'm sure that there is some girls like me who respect the fashion here. Don't be afraid to tell your opinion, even if it is against me(but I know that the many people who will be against my opinion will not be shy to answer..)I'm serious here, and really sad about how things turn out.

I really recommend you all to read Takemoto Nobara and/or translations of the G&L Bible.
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