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bloomers tutorial

Someone asked me in this post  for a tutorial on bloomers. So here it is :).

Step 1:
You have to cut two different pieces of cloth. Each one two times. DON'T forget to add 5 cm to your waist measurement, or you won't be able to pull it over your but. And keep in mind that you have to mirror the piece the second time you cut it, or you will end up with the inner side of the fabric on the outer side of your bloomers, on one side.

Step 2:
Now you have four pieces of fabric.
Sew the long sides of two pieces (a 1 and 2 piece, not a 1+1 or 2+2 !) together.

Step 3:
The smaller sides, the ones beneath the curves have to be sewn together aswell to create the two tubes where your legs have to go.

Step 4:
Now to get these two together. You can't just sew them together, there is a trick! You have to turn one side inside out and put it in the other one.

Step 5:
Make sure you see the stitching and the inside of both pieces of fabric at the cross. When you pin it together make sure the seams of the smaller sides come together perfectly, or the bloomers will be crooked.

Step 6:
When you have done step 5 you can turn them back again. And voila... You have very basic and far to big pants.
Now you have to sew the top. This is step 1 in this picture. You have to fold the straight part at the top double, so you will create a small tube through which you can pull an elastic band. When you sew it do keep in mind that you leave a small hole open through which you can pull the elastic (Attache a safetypin at the end of the elastic and use that to pull it through the tube. Once the elastic is through the tube and you have made sure that the two ends of the elastic are sewn/tied together firmly you can sew that part of the tube.

The next step, step 2 is to sew on the lace. Turn the lace upwards on the outside of the bloomers, you don't have to do a hem first, and sew it on.

Step 7:
Fold the lace so the part you have sewn is on the inside of your bloomers and sow it again, so you have a hem in the fabric of the pants and you only see the edge of the lace. You can iron the lace to make the hems sharper.

Step 8:
Now you have to get the bloomers to fringe together. You have to do this by elastic smocking. Turn your bloomers inside out so you can see the hems. Sew the first part of the elastic band on the hem. Make sure it's stuck good, or else it will snap. When you've done that you turn around the bloomers and you set the sewing machine on zig-zag. Pull the elastic so it will stretch and zigzag in one place so the thread is stuck. Now pull your bloomers with the stretched elastic through. When you let the elastic go you will see that it pulls the fabric together. Go around the whole pipe and sew the elastic stuck at the just as you did in the beginning. Do the same thing on the other side.

Now you have bloomers, enjoy =).


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