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How to make a Tiered Skirt (warning, big pics of doom)

This is how to make a skirt like

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First: You want to measure your waist and how long you want the skirt. you then want to divide the skirt length by 3. This image shows a rectange the width of waist and width of skirt length, and it had been divided in three along skirt length. The sections have been marked a, b, and c.

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Second: You want to make section a twice the length of your waist, section b three times the length of your waist, and section c four times the length of your waist. Their width will be what you got when you divided skirt length by three. Remember to put in seam allowences! You then want to run gathering stitches along the top and bottom of a and b, and along the top of c. I also marked the gathering stitches on the bottom of c but you don't actualy have to do those unless you have more tiers.

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Third: Yyou want to gather along those gather stitches. on peice a make the top gathering the length of your waist, and the bottom gathering a bit longer than that. On peice b, make the top gathering the same length as the gathering on the bottom of peice a and the bottom gathering a bit longer than that. And on peice c, make the gathering on top the same length as the gathering on the bottom of peice b. Pin raw edges together, making sure the fullness (gathering) is even and sew the peices together in order (bottom of a to top of b, bottom of b to top of c) and hem the bottom. Now make your waistband. This can be as wide or narrow as you want, but make sure it's the length of your wast plus seam allowences. I suggest ironing it in half along the middle of the length, then ironing the amount of the seam alowence down towards the inside of the waistband on one side. This will make it easier to make a clean waistband. To sew the waistband to the top of the skirt (top of peice a) place the side of the waist band that's not ironed down and the top of the skirt together at right sides with selvages (raw edges) together and pin, making sure the fulness of the skirt is even. Sew these edges together. Now fold the waistband up, put the raw edges on the inside, and sew the folded side of the waistband to the skirt. Now you'll only have one row of stitches on the outside of the waistband.

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Fourth: At this point you can add lace over the seams between the pannels and on the hem of the skirt if you want lace, or whatever other trim you want. Now that you have your skirt body and your waistband put together, mark how long you want the zipper opening to be (take your zipper and hold the top even with the top of the waistband and mark where the bottom is on the skirt, usualy with a pin or dissapearing-ink-pen made for fabric, or chalk). Put the right sides of your skirt together, making sure raw edges are even, and sew from the mark to the hem of the skirt. Then follow directions on your zipper package for putting in the zipper.

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Fifth: Make your sashes for your bow. These are pretty easy to make. Just use the basic pattern like above and cut out four peices total. Take two with right sides together and sew the edges together, leaving a space to turn it right side out, then sew that space closed. Repeat with the other two peices. Now put button holes in the ends so that you can button the sashes to your skirt.

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Sixth: Lay out your skirt (if you want the seam in the center back like I have it here, make sure that the seam is actualy in the center, or you can have the seam at the side) and mark where you want the buttons to go on the sides of the waistbands. Make sure that the buttons are placed the right distance apart so that they fit through the button holes properly.

Voila! You now have a skirt like that Metamor skirt! Just button on the sashes when you want the bow in back. Behold my awesome paint skills! lol. I hope you all can understand them. The names for the fifth and sixth pictures are backwards though.

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