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Gothic lolita @ Uppcon:06


We, _graveflower and dancing_moon, are arranging a fashion show at Uppcon:06 (www.uppcon.se, homepage should be up any day now.) the largest anime convention in Sweden.

It will take place in Uppsala, friday to sunday 7-9 april.

We are looking for models and, of course, an audience ^_~ First and foremost, we are searching for people who own actual brand-name lolita clothing.

Since this is pretty much the first time an event like this has taken place in Sweden, we want to highlight the many beautiful styles of lolita clothing - the severe elegance of Moi-meme-moite, the cuteness of BTSSB and Metamorphoze, the historically inspired Victorian Maiden, the punky deconstructed lolita from h.naoto and all the other styles that make lolita unique and beautiful.

We also recognize that the do-it-yourself part of lolita fashion is important and vital, and we would like to see some creative and original designs.

Deadline for application is 3 weeks before Uppcon = 24th of March. more details on how and where to apply with images will come soon!

International guests are of course very welcome ^.^ Uppcon provides cheap, though rather primitive sleeping arrangements, and there are several hostels and hotels in Uppsala. We can help you a bit with booking travel arrangements, though the train (sj.se) or the long distance bus (swebusexpress.se) is probably your best bet.

All styles of lolita are okay, including the male styles. A kodona for instance would be much appreciated!

Question? Ask us in comments or at raisondetre.se[a]gmail.com

General rules:
1. To apply, please send us an image of you in the outfit you wish to wear.
Some accessories may be different, but on the whole we'd like to see what you would look like on stage. This includes hair, shoes etc. If you are still waiting for things you have ordered to finish off your outfit, please say so.
2. Make sure the image is of decent quality. We may ask for detail photos.
3. Make sure your e-mail and other contact information is correct (duh)
4. Gothic lolita and other related japanese street fashion only.
Things we deem to western goth/punk, too fetish (i.e. mini-short skirts) and similar will not be allowed.
5. You can only partake with one outfit.
This is due to space constraints, there is simply no room to quickly exchange clothes. However, if you have two spiffy outfits you want to show off, dress up a friend and apply him/her too ^^

Rules for those who wish to enter with a brand dress:
1. Brand means brand. No knockoffs from E-bay, please.
2. The whole is important, so we ask you to properly accessorize your outfit.
Not everything has to be the same brand, and you don't have to have all details done at the time you apply, but please note so in your application.
3. Please give available information of your outfit - brand, year you bought it etc so we can present it as correctly as possible.
4. We strive for diversity.
This means that if we get 3 adorable pink Baby dresses, we will unfortunately have to refuse 2. Please do not take this as a personal affront. If you have many various styles at home, you can ask if there are any particular styles that are already filled to save time.

Rules for those who wish to enter with a homemade dress:
1. You don't have to have a finished dress in this moment, you can apply anyway.
However, we would like to see images of previous projects, as well as design images for the current one as soon as possible! And please, have your dress mostly finished to around the 24 march, or give us a tremendously good reason why you do not have it done yet!
2. Not everything must be homemade, but the majority of the outfit should be.
For instance, a homemade dress and petticoat, with a bought blouse is excellent. Please indicate what parts are bought
3. Our wish is to present lolita from it's best side, so we will have quality requirements for all outfits.
A homemade outfit should not differ notably in quality from bought outfits, and must be well-fitting and properly accessorized. Please, do not take it as a personal attack if we decline your application! Also, please note that we strive for diversity, and we simply can not show off too many similar outfits due to time constraint.
4. Feel free to tell us about your inspiration for the dress, where you bought the fabric or made the pattern etc. This may be included in the presentation

Note! We want to show off the beautiful clothes and how they make you beautiful. We do not want only models that are 1,90 long and built like sticks! Please, please don't feel shy about yourself and trust us when we say that we will not refuse anyone because they have a non-magazine standard body shape.

Please consider that since our wish is to show off the multitude of lolita fashion, it is possible that we decline a very nice outfit because we already have one or several of the kind. However, this doesn't mean that you can't apply with another outfit ^_^

How to apply:
1. Read the rules ^_~
2. Take one or several good images of you, all dressed up
3. Send a mail including:
- your primary e-mail adress
- your cellphone (if you have one) number
- your first name + internet nick. This is so we can get a hold of you, no one but _graveflower and dancing_moon will get this information.
- Your photo! (if the dress is under construction, please send a sketch and description)
- a little information about your outfit and yourself
5. Mail this to: raisondetre.se[a]gmail.com

We will wait a week or two so we have some outfits, then try to pick a diverse sample and answer. (please note, if no one applies, we'll have to cancel ;_; but we'll tell you if we do) Also, there's a time limit, so if we get a huge amount of applications we won't be able to accept all. Really sorry about that... In that case, we will use a first come, first served method.

If anything is unclear, ask us, either in the comments or privately at raisondetre.se[a]gmail.com! This is the first time we've done anything like this, so please give feedback on anything you want.

Come on now, lolitas, you know you want to ^_^

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