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Metamorphose items.

Hello all, I'm going to have to part with some pieces (most of which I've never even worn!) because I need either a)money or b) items I will actually wear. If you have any brand name items you wouldn't mind trading email me with pics (or comment here if you're feeling super lazy). I *don't* do the black with lots of white lace look, or the complete-baby-blue-or-pink-outfit thing. (But I'm willing to look at anything you have to offer. I love emily temple cute and angelic pretty, victorian maiden, bttsb, etc and love mini-top hats, capelets, big skirts, etc. (Feel free to run things by me, but if they arn't going to look nice and fitted on a 33-24-32 size girl don't bother)

Now...on to the items...

Metamorphose temps de fille shirt/blouse NEW WITH TAGS (marked 14490yen)! Amazing, amazing detail in this piece (as with many blackxblack loli pieces, the pics just don't do it justice)...lets start with the sleeves; gourgeous, heavily detailed black lace around cuffs (very elegant), shirred sleeves with two rows of lace going up the arm, adorned with black ribbons (lovely shiny, smooth texture). 4 ribbons on each arm. Slightly puffed shoulders. Round collar (it's almost sort of like two colars - with two sets of the same lovely lace that features on the cuffs - super pretty)...the back of the shirt features a bow (could be tied differently if you wanted) which is detachable. also includes what metamorphose described as a 'cape' though I'd say it was more a large tie or bow. At any rate it's the cherry on the cake and fully detachable too. Lastly, the shirt is really well fitted - something I found unusual because as we all know, often loli items just arn't made to flatter westerners (I'd say anyone around au8-12 could probably wear this one, I'm a small 8, but think it would def. fit someone a little bigger better than me. I think the sizing works out to an american 2-4). $160AU

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

Metamorphose Cardigan

No pics at present, but I'll give you a brief description. Black cardi boardering on boatnecked, two frilled rows of cream, antique-style lace around the colar, black ribbons tie into bows at the sleeves and neck. faux-pearl buttons. very very elegant. ((comment if interested - would fit same as above and perhaps the next size up too, less of a tailored look - but still lovely and very, very elegant! I am a small size 8 -measurements above- and found it to be a little too big) mail me if interest $120AU -Never worn due to fit

Metamorphose skirt

Ok, once again no pics at the moment! I will comment back with pics soon, my camera isn't working atm :/ ...this is a lovely skirt with many layers of tulle, and also lace...has a waspie/corset style waste that features lace, ribbon lacing, and a lovely bow. mail me if interested $120AU

Casual loli-chan jacket
This is a jacket by lucky 13 that I thought would definetly suit casual loli style. Lovely cat graphic, cute colours and pink ribbons! Size s. Once again, was never worn because it didn't fit me well. $120AU (Originally $210)Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

I also have a navy velvet japanese school girl style dress, very very pretty and a sailor dress with full skirt that may interest some of you.

Highest offer wins. Please reply by next tuesday! Comment for pics or other info! Get in before they go to ebay ^^

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