kaivxn (kaivxn) wrote in egl,

Lace crown project idea!

I just bought the new "Women's World" mag this week, and in it it had the cutest idea for a lace crown you can make yourself! My scanner is on the fritz (bad USB cable), so I'll explain the best I can. (to give credit, the crown, which is part of a princess bear outfit, is the brainchild of Lorrie Keller)
Take a 15" long piece of coarse lace, that has a straight edge on one side and a shaped edge on the other side (scalloped or whatnot). I think you can mess with that measurement to make the crown smaller if you like.
Soak lace with a stiffening spray (ie: Stiffen Stuff or the like).
When it's dry, bend crown into a circle, overlap ends to line up pattern and glue together. After glue is dry, you can spray it with silver foil paint (they used silver), and decorate with crystals (I say use tiny roses and bows!). Attach to hair with bobby pins in opening in lace (I think you can add ribbons to tie behind ears!)
Though I haven't tried this yet, I imagine you can take this idea and make the basic crown, then take thinner lace that straight on both side, stiffen that and attach it so you make a mini English crown! Hope you all enjoy this!

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