of whom no one was fond (little_zooks) wrote in egl,
of whom no one was fond

direct sale: shoes

Hi, everyone! I have two pairs of shoes that I'm looking to sell. Both are new, never worn except to try on and take pictures. The first pair is a pair of Black Peace Now [ON HOLD] mary janes, with a two inch heel and a one-and-half inch platform. They are marked "M" and so would translate into approximately a 23-23.5 in Japanese sizes. I think because of the roominess in the toe, a 24 could wear them also. I do not have a flexible measuring tape, but they seem to measure about 10" from heel to extreme toe tip on the outside of the shoe. The last inch or so of the toe turns up rather sharply, and my size US6.5 feet fit quite well with the tip of my big toe right at the part where the sole lifts. A US7 would probably have their toes go into the part of the inside where the upturn starts; I have no idea if that would be uncomfortable or not, but the whole inside of the shoe is lined and padded. They are man-made material, and very light and comfortable. If you refer to your Gothic & Lolita bible #4, you will find a picture of them on page 35. I have never "bonded" with these shoes, and so they have languished under my bed (so the box is a lil' beat up). They were originally 9800 yen, and I am asking $100 USD + $10 (USPS Priority mail with delivery conformation, USA only) shipping-handling-Paypal fees, or best offer if no one wants 'em. International shipping will probably be Global Priority, and I think about $20.

The second pair is a pair of Demonia Cheat-12 shoes in patent leather, size US6. Every other pair of Demonias I have ever owned I bought in a 7 to make sure they'd fit, and they have all been too big. The one pair I try a 6 in. . .oh, yeah, too small. These are a V. Westwood knock-off style with a 2" platform seamlessly covered by the leather upper. They have a 5" heel (which I guess would tecnically be 3" because of the platform), and fasten around the ankle with a silver buckle. These are too narrow in the toe for my US6.5 feet; unless you have narrow feet, I'd say these are true size 6. Original price $38, I'm asking $40 INCLUDING shipping in the US, international shipping add $10. It is very hard to take pictures of your own feet, I've learned.
And you can see my cat thinks he is a foot model, too.
God, my foot looks UGLY in this one!DSCN0846

I prefer Paypal for quickness, I CAN take credit cards. Please feel free to ask any questions, I'm doing this first come, first served and I will probably not be on my slow-ass dial-up all day, so it might take a bit for me to get back to you. Sorry!

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