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Formal vs. casual fabric

I'm writing something for a loli/ouji webpage about different materials used in garment-making and which ones appear more formal or more casual.

My focus is actually ouji-style. I'm trying to make the point that as a street fashion, it shouldn't make the wearer look formally dressed-up or in historical costume, and whatever fabrics the clothes are made of can affect this appearance (to name one factor).

What fabrics do brand-name ouji, loli, or madam clothes tend to be made of? What do they tell you to use in garment-making mags or mooks? What materials tend to be used in formal attire as opposed to everyday attire?

I'm REALLY a beginner in the world of fabrics, but would you say garments made of polyester or acrylic would be too formal for this fashion? Or have you ever seen brand-name clothes made with them? What about rayon or silk? Any others you'd like to mention?

I'll research everything you guys suggest. I appreciate your help ^_^

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