Vicki (vixel) wrote in egl,

Midlands Meetup Poll!

I propose that the meetup should be sometime in February, as for us students, exams and coursework deadlines should be out of the way, and it will be after the London meetup, for those of us who are insane (like me) and may wish to attend both.

I've created a poll for the venue and the best day of the week for the meet to be held, after I get some results from that, I'll work out some suggested dates. The poll is located HERE

From the comments to my original suggestion of a meetup, here is a summary of some attractions at each of the suggested venues.



  • Mimi and La Vey clothing shop - lots of lacey EGL / EGA clothes and accessories

  • Market with lots of quality low-priced fabric

  • A Church

If anyone has anything to add to the lists, please comment! There will be a mini photoshoot at this meet, and I'm also looking for nice traditional tea rooms in both cities, although so far I haven't had much luck. If anyone knows of anywhere, please also comment and let me know!

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