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.: Kuroloki :.

First Loliday this Sat.

Hi everyone. I haven't been around in a while because my computer broke (again) about a week ago.

I just wanted to visit today to remind everyone about our first International Lolita Fashion Day (anyone remember that?), a.k.a. "Loliday", which takes place this Saturday, December 3rd.

I'm posting a reminder here because in order to make it stick around, we need as many participants as possible, and seeing as this is the first one we don't have a huge following yet.

So what we want you to do on Dec. 3 is:
+ Dress up nice and loli/aristocrat/ouji
+ Go out with your friends (or alone) shopping, out to eat, to a party, or something
+ Take pictures and share them and your experiences at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/loliday/
(Where you can also find more info on the event--it's closed to the general public to keep it safe.)

We really hope to make this a success and spread our love of gothloli around the world. Hope to see lots of lovely pictures!!
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Augh. I have work and then a gaming meeting, and I'm not ready to go in front of people I don't know in EGL just yet. T_T
Sweet, I was already planning on going out Loli-fied to a Christmas Party! This just gives me a good reason.
I think you guys need a better day.. I live in michigan and its really damn cold.
they should make it more days a year or something...i dunno... x.x;;
that would be cool. like, every season or somehting
Right now it's once in winter and once in summer. One for heavy outfits and one for regular/thinner ones ^^
oh, i see ^^

that's perfect then (:
Its cold here too. XD

I'll try my bestest, but I can't make any promises. Dress rehearsal for a show and a concert at night might hinder it. @_@
oh wow! what a cool idea!

i hope i see some other lolita's! I will be dressing lolita too!
I will totally do this, though, I'll probably be the only one in the area to...Though, thats never really stopped me before, lol
lol. maybe you just don't know???

are there lolitas doing this in LA?
I am! :D
ah! really?
maybe i shall she you?

that would be so fun!
i'm going shopping today...^^
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