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First Loliday this Sat.

Hi everyone. I haven't been around in a while because my computer broke (again) about a week ago.

I just wanted to visit today to remind everyone about our first International Lolita Fashion Day (anyone remember that?), a.k.a. "Loliday", which takes place this Saturday, December 3rd.

I'm posting a reminder here because in order to make it stick around, we need as many participants as possible, and seeing as this is the first one we don't have a huge following yet.

So what we want you to do on Dec. 3 is:
+ Dress up nice and loli/aristocrat/ouji
+ Go out with your friends (or alone) shopping, out to eat, to a party, or something
+ Take pictures and share them and your experiences at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/loliday/
(Where you can also find more info on the event--it's closed to the general public to keep it safe.)

We really hope to make this a success and spread our love of gothloli around the world. Hope to see lots of lovely pictures!!
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sounds fun....i know ill be the only one in my town...lol...
would going to work in loli count?. . i have to work almost all day that day but I can defintaly get away with lolita where i work ^_^
I'll do this if my dress comes by friday.
Oh dear... I have a Carols by Candlelight performance that night where I'll be playing the flute... but I didn't even THINK of doing it in loligarb! I don't have much time to knock something up T___T But I will try!
I want to come to Chicago sooo badly!
ack and Rosa and I can look for appartements!
is it official? cuz that would be awesome...

How to "Create a Day"

A truely "National" day is literally an act of Congress and takes a lot of work. I checked into this issue with a company who wanted to create a national day and had the resources to do it. They decided it was "too much work". The first step is to contact your local congress person. Once you have their attention, you have to create the proposal and hopefully it will get onto the congressional agenda before too many years has passed. If you are intent on doing it and have the patience, it can be done.

time to exercise the first amendment! jk jk
Hey, if they can have an actual "National Talk Like a Pirate Day," we surely can do it haha
I'm not actually sure if it's official, actually...


13 years ago


13 years ago

oh haha, this isn't your journal...then um...yes...Lolita..ness...
I'll be the only one around here, But I'm gonna do it too!
mwewh if i had known this earlier i could have attempted to do something about it -_-
oh well
Yes! Fabulous! an international wave of Loliness.
Because we are all in different time zones, it'll be like a Mexican wave across the world... we should all come out at our respective sunrises, and there should be satellite cameras in the sky to film the blossoming of blackxwhite and lace and frills.
Well, that won't happen... but I will make a cake for the occasion.
Ah I do recall this from last year. That day is perfect actually, because I'm going to my Japanese friend's house later on that night, and he has been wanting to see me in one of my outfits.
*cry* I have to work every weekend all day. /)_(\ And where I work we have a uniform. ;_;
If I can sneak out the house for fresh air from long hours study for finals, then definitely I will so wear lolita to the mall, get myself a build-a-bear bunny and also take photos with Santa, then dance around the christmas tree at home with the CD player playing my homemade Jmusic christmas CD!! Yay! The best thing to do before turning 21 in Jan! *^^*

Then I'll have my Christmas choir concert on Dec 5. I'll wear my one and only black lolita there for the sake I don't feel like going through every shop at the last second to find myself a set of black clothes that director considers appropriate and dressy. ^^||
i'll be suffering studying for finals...but hey , maybe i'll dress loli that nite when i cook dinner for my boyfriend. ha we can have tea and cake...well we were going to anyay
as a gift to myself for finishing finals, i'll also finish a dress i've been making and wear it that day. hurrah!
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