.: Kuroloki :. (kittyhot) wrote in egl,
.: Kuroloki :.

First Loliday this Sat.

Hi everyone. I haven't been around in a while because my computer broke (again) about a week ago.

I just wanted to visit today to remind everyone about our first International Lolita Fashion Day (anyone remember that?), a.k.a. "Loliday", which takes place this Saturday, December 3rd.

I'm posting a reminder here because in order to make it stick around, we need as many participants as possible, and seeing as this is the first one we don't have a huge following yet.

So what we want you to do on Dec. 3 is:
+ Dress up nice and loli/aristocrat/ouji
+ Go out with your friends (or alone) shopping, out to eat, to a party, or something
+ Take pictures and share them and your experiences at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/loliday/
(Where you can also find more info on the event--it's closed to the general public to keep it safe.)

We really hope to make this a success and spread our love of gothloli around the world. Hope to see lots of lovely pictures!!
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