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Suggestion for Lolita Tea Parties

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Recipe makes 28 bite size cakes


-1.5 cups of flour
-0.5 cup of butter
-0.5 cup of sugar ( Granulated sugar)
-o.5 teaspoonful of salt
-1 egg (whip yolk and whites evenly and leave out 2 or 3 TSP for glaze)
-2level teaspoonful of baking powder
-2 tablespoonful of milk

1~ Sift together flour/sugar/salt/baking powder in one bowl

2~ Work in butter with fingers- ends up looking like very small lumps of butter covered with flour
( I find if you just dump the butter in and take two knives and criss cross cutting it will be the same and less hand washing)

3~ Mix egg and milk

4~ Add liquids a little bit at a time while mixing it in (can add more milk if so desire to use up all the flour)

5~ Take dough out and put on table/mat/plate and roll in to a huge ball

6~ Pinch out little bits and roll into smaller ball (any size you wish, I made mine bite size)

7~ place on buttered baking pan

8~ Oven at 375 F

9~ leave for about 10-15mins (best to watch the first batch to determine how long for YOUR oven, i used a dingy oven/toaster *coughs*)

How to check if it is done: Take a tooth pick and insert centre of cake and take it out, if it comes out clean its done. When the bottom edges become brown TAKE THEM OUT!!(but remember to check with a toothpick)

When the tea cakes begin to harden slightly, inside still being very very soft, (around 5-8mins) use the extra whipped up egg + sugar and paint a small amount on top for glaze.

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Recognizing/Recommended Beautiful Tea Cups:
- Check for any cracks
- If it is missing the saucer the tea cup is value-less
Brands: Queen Anne, Royal Albert, Paragon, Royal Crafton, ETC.
The older antique cups are much lighter then the new made cups.
Older tea cups range from $15-$100+
many times they can be found in thrift stores/ flea markets/ garage sales/ etc.

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Black: Queen Anne (30$)/ Gold plated: Windsor(45$)/ Green+Gold : Paragon (30$)
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White: Royal Albert(15$)/ Pink:Bareuthe (10$)/ Royal Crafton (15$)

I assume that the gold is just plated possibly real.

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Cup: Royal Albert

-there is significant weight difference between antique and modern made tea cups
-especially between Royal Alberts, then and now

All photography done by CraziSilverAnge
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