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An explanation of erololi <3

Here is an explanation of Erotic Lolita that was written by pierrotseven and cross posted on erololi ^^ We thought that you guys would appreciate it since there seems to be a lot of confusion on what ero-loli is and how its done properly. Enjoy!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.comErololi or "Erotic Lolita", as it is often referred to by non-Japanese, is a sub-genre of the Japanese fashion known as lolita. (Please see the egl community for more information on lolita.) It is a more mature style of the more girlish clothing presented in lolita. This more mature style sometimes has a more fetish feel, as they use vinyl and implement bondage props at times, but should in no way viewed as just another aspect of fetishism. In fact, it is difficult to believe this when the Japanese interpretation of the name erololi has more of a connotation of "no-sleeves"- a key factor in the fashion itself. (It should also be noted that Western gothic/ fetish does not equate to erololi. There are certain lolita fashion elements which make something erololi which, while not rules, help define an outfit as erololi or not.)

There are many key and common features to the majority of erololi outfits. Most importantly is the showing of a certain amount of skin. Perhaps the skirt is slightly shorter (ie. above the knee) and garters are worn; or a sleeveless blouse is worn under a waist cincher. But it is most important to note that skin is shown with a certain amount of classiness. (I suggest thinking back to the American pinup models.) To be more specific with the particular items that may be included in an outfit, here is a small list: sleeveless tops, corsets, black and red clothing, garters, etc. It should be noted that all of these items should be in a style and have elements that make them interchangeable as generally lolita. (Skirts should not be the typical circle-skirt found in Western gothic, but the more bell-shaped skirts found in Japanese lolita fashion. Tops could have the lacy trimmings of a lolita camisole, or the simple rouging of an ega blouse- this choice is up to the wearer.)

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThere are a few brands which could be labeled as making clothes suitable for erololi purposes. These are: Black Peace Now, H. Naoto, and Excentrique. Yet this does not limit one to such brands. If there is a piece, say, being marketed by Moi Meme Moite that would work into an outfit and fits into the erololi style, it could be used wonderfully. (Even brands like Baby, the Stars Shine Bright or Metamorphose could be used if the style and color scheme were well suited for an outfit.)

In addition to brands, there are also certain icons which have an erololi flare to them or their art. The first of which, is the model and musician Kana. Her styles have often been featured in the popular Gothic&Lolita Bible, and often possess the more mature elements of erololi- the use of PVC, shortness or a skirt, or the showing of skin. In addition to Kana, there is the art of Mihara Mitsukaz. The characters drawn by her in her manga Doll, often wear lolita clothes. And these clothes often take on the same fetishy and skin-baring elements of erololi fashion.

Tips for Dressing Erololi

Often, it is slightly confusing as to what can be added to an outfit to make it
more erololi. I would like to suggest the following items and ideas for
those new to the fashion, or who would like to give name to the ideas that
they've had for some time:

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.comCorsets - these are one of the key features to many erololi outfits. Whether in an an overbust style or
an underbust or waist cincher, these pieces can fit into the scheme of the majority of

Image hosted by Photobucket.comStockings - most commonly used are thigh-hi stockings accompanied by garters. This element is erololi without fail due to the nature that it offers the chance to bare a little skin on the leg.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comHeaddresses - though not completely necessary in some erololi outfits, many erololi opt to sport the traditional lolita styles of
headdresses (ie. rounded-rectangle shape, bonnet, bow etc.) that may or may not have an erololi twist to it (ie. using PVC as a material).

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Garter Belts and Garters

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSkirts - skirts should be of a modest, yet shorter length (which is sometimes accentuated by wearing of a puffy petticoat beneath). It is usually possible, if wearing thigh-his, to see either the tops of the stocking of a peek of garter. (This length of skirt should not stop one from also considering shorter bloomers as a delightful part of an outfit.)

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSleeveless Tops - these can range from off the shoulder blouses with poofy sleeves, to a corsetwith straps for the shoulders. As long as the elements are representative of some genre of lolita fashion (most often ega and egl), then the top will usually work well. If one worries that a top will be too plain, they can opt for something like the lacy camisoles that resemble those from the Victorian era.

The things listed here should not be looked at as firm rules to the fashion. They are an interpretation by the creator of this community gathered by researching images and asking others opinions. Most outfits should be given a personal touch, what the wearer sees as being erololi for them. This is what makes such clothing fun to wear. ^_^ 

(Photographs Scanned by: Avant Gauche : Webpage Materials by:
Queen's FREE World )

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