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UPDATED:Putumayo Thief! Please Help!

Hey girls,

I found someone on threadless.com that has stolen a design from a Putumayo shirt, the one of a tree with a dead guy in it and a girl on a swing. How do I know she stole it? I own the original shirt, and got it about a year before she registered an account with threadless. I sent the company an email and pictures of my shirt, they said they would look into it and they sent me an email today saying “So we've talked to the designer and she claims she has never seen this design and is baffled at how this could've happened.” They are asking my for a specific date when I bought it, and I don’t have a receipt since it was a gift from a friend visiting Japan, and the shirt is no longer on Putumayo’s website since its old now. This is where you come in. If you have own the shirt, or have any Putumayo ads/photos from when this shirt was new, please post them or send threadless.com an email.

The original Shirt Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The design in question Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
Link to the shirt in question:

This is causing a TON of drama over there and they really need some clarification.

I wouldn’t be so annoyed about this, but the girl is claiming she made the design from scratch, and when your design on threadless is picked to be printed; you also get $750 cash and $250 store credit. She doesn’t deserve that for a stolen design. She probably figured she could get away with it because it’s from a Japanese company. It just really upsets me when people obviously steal artwork and claim it as their own.

This isn’t Threadless’s fault, they are a really awesome store but it’s sort of easy for something like this to happen because all the designs printed are ones that underground artists submit. I’m going to send them a link to this post, b/c if there is more then one person with “evidence” that this was Putomayo’s design first, they will stop printing the shirt. It’s just annoying that having one shirt is not evidence enough, the one the girl did is a really obvious photoshop job(and she’s 14, she would have been 12/13 when Putumayo released her shirt...)

Also, I have not contacted Putumayo since I don’t speak Japanese, but if you can email them, please do since they have the "evidence" threadless would need (pics of just my shirt are not enough), and they are being ripped off anyways.

EDIT: Since someone else posted another pic of the shirt, I sent threadless an email with the link to this thread.I also asked them to please NOT post a link to this on thier site b/c of the high drama factor over there and so ppl can remain anonymous. Because you guys wanted me to, I sent a short email in english to Putumayo, so they are aware of the situation. No responses yet, but I'll let you know. Thanks for the help!

Edit 10/11/05: Threadless posted this on thier website "Due to the recent controversy regarding this design, we will no longer be printing it. We have resolved the issue. Thanks to everyone who pointed out the conflict!"

That's it, Nothing about what will happen to the girl/her threadless account, I'm just happy everyone knows she is a fraud.
No word from Putumayo at all, will update again if anything new happens, but as far as threadless is concerned everything is peachy-keen...
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