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Christina Lissette B.

Auction Rules & Standards

The following rules have been put into place in order to insure that our members are only exposed to sales posts that are valid, good quality and trustworthy in the community. Note that egl is not obligated in anyway to except auction and sale posts, and judgemenet on whether or not to keep a sales post up is entirely up to the discretion of the moderators.

1) Sale posts must contain items which portray the authentic look of one of the Gothic & Lolita substyles.
Elegant Gothic (See the styles of Atelier Boz, Miho Matsuda and Moi-Même-Moitié for best examples of the style), Lolita (See the styles of Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, Mary Magdalene, Metamorphose Temps de Fille, and Atelier Pierrot for best examples of the style) and NeoGothic/Punk (See the styles of h.NAOTO, A + Lidel, and Black Peace Now for best examples of the style) auctions can all be accepted if they meet the requirements of the other guidelines.

2) Sale items must be in the categories of clothing, accessories, shoes and Gothic & Lolita publications only.
Non-qualifying items will be deleted without notice.

3) Sale items must appear to be of good quality and construction.
If an item looks to be of poor quality because of bad construction, fabric or trim choice - it will be removed.

4) You may only post your sale items one time.
If you are posting an auction or a direct sale, you may not update more than once for the same sale. You will have only one chance to advertise your current items. (*Should you happen to have a non-paying bidder on an item, you may contact a moderator for permission to repost an item.)

5) Only link to your specific Gothic & Lolita items.
Should you provide a link to your sales in a post, that link must go directly to your Gothic & Lolita items. Do not link to pages which contain a few G&L items among non-G&L items.

6) Images of the items for sale must be able to clearly show the details of an item.
Images that are contained within sale posts that are very dark, very small, or contain blurriness that keeps the details of an item from being shown will be deleted.
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