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National gothloli day

WELL, the other night this idea randomly popped into my head. (I was half-awake.) I thought it would be funny if we had a National egl/Gothloli day where everyone in this community...and everyone watching it...and their loli friends...and THEIR loli friends...dressed up as Gothloli/Lolita/Oujisama as they're able and went to spend the day in the nearest major city (or wherever if there's no city nearby). It would go like this...

1. We pick a Sunday to call *booming voice* "NATIONAL GOTHLOLI DAY". (Preferably nowhere near Halloween.)
2. Everyone dresses up and goes out, preferably to the nearest major city to increase chances of *gasp* ACCIDENTALLY running into other gothlolies (yeah right...well, if you live near one of the MAJOR cities, perhaps).
3. We have fun.
4. We take pictures and post them here or in a separate place for all to enjoy and remember.
5. All the rest of America goes "wtf was with all those weird costumes yesterday..."
6. We (maybe) do the same thing same time next year because it would be funny.

Purpose: To have fun in the city, possibly meet other gothlolies/lolitas in your area, and possibly educate several people in your neighborhood on your cool fashion sense (you tell them about it when they ask what you're wearing), all the while knowing that there are girls all over the nation doing the same thing that day :D Or it could be worldwide.

Any takers? Anybody opposed to this?
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