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another "Mana Puffs" hair tutorial

I have seen several good hair tutorials posted on here so I thought I would share my method for making the large pappilion dog ear styled hair puffs that Mana wears and are popular for loli's and cosplayers alike since I have been wearing my hair like that since before I ever even laid eyes on Mana's hair.

Here is the pic I used for inspiration this time:

Here is how my hair came out:
Photos By

Photo by

How I did the hair:

1) Put your hair up in pigtails, high ones, on each side of your hair, more toward the back side then the front side of your head
2) Buy a pack of medium length human hair track weave, open pack, cut hair in in half, then fold that length in half and cut it in half. You should end up with two lengths of track at about 15 inches each.
3) Take track weave and wrap it around pony tails at the base, wrap tight and secure with bobby pins all around so it does not slip.
4) Wrap another ponytail holder aruond the whole confection to secure
5) Tease real hair and track weave together by massively back combing, then shape into desired shape
6) Hairspray with heavy hold hairspray, hit lightly with a hairdryer on low heat and low setting to dry hairspray and shape of hair into place
7) wrap whole confection with a hair covered scrunchie or elastic. I used these weird lose elasticized long peices of faux hair meant for wrapping around updos that you can get at the wig store, but hair covered scrunchies like you can buy at a local drug store or beauty mart work just fine too.
8) Tease and blend scrunchy hair into the rest, hairspray again
9) add flowers, bows, barrettes etc to the top of your head to decorate. I used to two flower clip barrettes that I had made at the base of each ponytail.

and just for giggles, here is how I wore my hair in the late 90's, before I had ever seen Mana at all (although I was a rabid Shanza fan then and had my hair streaked like the lead singer although you can't see the tiny red streaks well in this pic):
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