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Manners for Lolitas & Aristocrates from G&L Bible #4

Requested by [info]</a>xelyna to post this as a new entry because she would like to add it to the memories section.
I appreciate everyone's appreciation from everyone that thanked me in [info]</a>tian_shi's entry.

enjoy the translation

-Eye sight-
~ keep your eye site straight forward. keep looking far away then your posture will get better also.
-Facial Expressions-
~smile, smile. you always have to have some margin for yourself to breath. Because if you don't have some kind of emotional margin for yourself and have a angry face on all the time, people will not approach you and would think of you in a negative way. Never lose your smile because that is the heart of the Lolita.
-The way you walk . Posture-
~Finger Tips, Tips of your Foot, and you knees, alway together. and do not stop applying muscle strenghth to them because if you loosen your strenghth, when you sit down, the posture will not look beautiful. Do not cross your legs. When you are walking, keep your back straight, and pretend you are walking with your hip, that will make it look elegant.
~You Bow then you stop. for a split second, make an eye contact then say, "Ohayou Gozaimasu (Good Morning)", or "Gokigenyou (more formal version of Hello)" , then Bow Again. Always stop, that is the way of the Lolita. When you bow, the head should be at a angle best between 45 degrees and 60 degrees.

-Presents and Thank You Gifts-
~Always have good stock of Ribbons. Whatever you are giving, put a ribbon on it. If it is a gift on a special occassion, then you should put a dried-corsage (sorry can't spell right) and a small card as the Lolita way.
The Present should be something with your heart put into, and a elegant item is the basics. That doesn't mean it just has to be expensive. Elegant items could even be something small like a Handkerchiefs. It may become something that will be important to the gift receiver. you are a true lolita by giving a gift that could become a TPO ( I don't know what that means. just says TPO)

-Artistic Appreciation-
~Opera, Orchestra, Ballet, Painting, etc. Aritocrates and Lolitas much always have a deep concern in the artistic field. At Ordinary times, you must train your eye to be come the "Seeing Eye". We recommend you train your eye to become the "seeing Eye". On page 96-97 are the recommended CDs. Please use as a referrence.
~Enjoy your chatting time with a cup of tea/herbal tea. If you are drinking alchohol, please be aware of the following. In Japan, the average teen is not allowed to take in alchohol until the age of 20 years old. Please make a connection with alchohol after 20 years old. Beer is a peasant's Drink. Basics are Wine, and Champaign. Especially Aristocrates should be drinking Whiskey, Brandy. Also, you must drinking in a smart manner. Don't let the alchohol take advantage of you. Table manners are on pages 92-93.
For Aristocrates and Lolitas, this is a must. you will not be able to attend a party if you do not know how to dance. There are two genres of dancing, "Modern" and "Latin" <- the rest explains how to dance the two genres.>

-Party Knowledge-
1. Always attend the parties as a couple. This is your chance to find the handsome prince.
2. Parties are the place for Socialization. Always have the knowledge of yourself, and your home country to talk about. Be ready.
3. If you are Invited to a Home Party, always bring a gift.
4. Always the way of the concept on the party.
-How to Dress-
From Morning to 6 PM - Silk Dress or a seperated suit with pearl, or sea-coral accesorries, If it is a graden party, a Hat with a really big brim. The Males: in the Morning -dark suits and a silk hat. (top hat)
6PM to Midnight - Females: Evening Dress, Cocktail dress, with Diamonds, Emerald, or Opal Accessory. To a Cocktail party, Never wear a long dress, and wear a hat with no brim or small brim. For a Evening Party, you will not wear a hat. Males: Teel Coat and and a Dinner Jacket with a Opera Hat.

1. Speak slowly and politely.
2. You may not use shortened/abbreviated words.
3. Be Elegant and don't be rude.

The Right Columns of the words are the Lolita Wordings
- Osore irimasu -
- Watakushi - I
- ~desu koto -
- Arigatou Zonjimasu - Thank you Very Much
- Sayou de Gozai masu no - Is that So
- Oyurushi Asobashite - I'm Sorry
- Gokigenyou - Good-bye
- Gokigenyou - Hello
- Gomen Asobase - Excuse Me
- Dochira ni Odekake Desuno? - Where are you going?
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