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Z's 2021 Wardrobe

wardrobe cover.png

Sneaking in at (beyond) the last second is Z's wardrobe, for the second year in a row!
It looks like I skipped a year because we all said "2019" last year. I swear this is two in a row! Do we all just want to pretend 2020 didn't happen?

I was super busy this month so I'm late getting this up, and the lighting is awful, and nothing is arranged nice, and I skipped some categories, and.... Excuse me.

A few things happened with my dresses this year:
-Remember how I
posted 2 in each picture last year? By pure chance, I sold almost 1 out of every pair. (Of course to fund more dresses!)
-Older dresses have started taking over! I've always loved the looks from when I first discovered lolita, so now I'm focusing on dresses from that era. They're better quality anyway. ;)
- I've finally gotten over a lifetime of hatred for pink, and I actually enjoy it now!

iw lacey jsks.png
Innocent World: Classical Bustle JSK (2008), Cross Satin Ribbon JSK (2006), Cocotte (2011)
I don't even want to talk about how much of a struggle it was to get this Cross Satin Ribbon JSK from China. x_x'

oldschool baby.png
BtSSB: Chambre JSK (2006),  Ribbon Scallop JSK (2007), Chest Tulle JSK (2007)

Chest Tulle JSK is the exact same cut as Koitsukihime and just as flattering.

etc jsks.png
Emily Temple Cute: Crown and Cross, Cherub Frame, and Bambi Print Sleeveless OP (2008)

I have no idea what the official names or years of the first two are. They could both be quite old, maybe around 2000-2002.
Crown+Cross is a Shirley Temple print with an ETC tag.

embroidered jsks.png
Innocent World: Rose Embroidery JSK (2005), Rose and Lily Emblem JSK (2005), Rose Embroidery Polka Dot JSK (2006)

All these embroideries are SO detailed! I love them all, but I love how Rose+Lily Emblem shines silver in the light the most.

embroidered jsks2.png
Innocent World: Elda JSK (2009), ETC: Flower Embroidery JSK, Innocent World: Crown and Cross Embroidery JSK (2003)

This unknown ETC JSK got me started on an obsession to find good old ETC pieces.. They fit so well!
Also, Crown+Cross Embroidery is ~corduroy~! Love x2!

stained glass.png
BtSSB: Koitsukihime JSK and white skirt (2006), AaTP: Stained Glass Angel (2009)

Stained glass~ <3 Koitsukihime is the dress to impress, even non-lolitas can sense its amazingness.
Stained Glass Angel pictured with the little corset I always wear with it.
Special admittance to the dress section for this skirt, it belongs here. This skirt is what I'll wear to my wedding! (Assuming I don't find the JSK)

gray and black jsks.png
Innocent World: Cinderella to the Ball JSK (2007), Gertrude JSK (2010), Metamorphose: Swan Border JSK (2008)

Cinderella remains among my favorites thanks to the powers of corduroy. All of these are really underrated for some reason.

gothy jsks.png
Metamorphose: Secret Eden Bustle JSK (2012), AaTP: Vampire Prelude JSK (2012), Long Ears Sharp Ears: Blood Moonlight Waltz (2017)

Secret Eden wins the prize for most annoying zipper.. It finally gave up for good promptly after I took it off the dress form.
Vampire Prelude was my main goal piece for this year! >o< (My fiance is probably thrilled he never has to hear me say this print's name again.)
Blood Moonlight Waltz is surprisingly awesome fabric for a Taobao dress!

frame dresses.png
AaTP: Castle of Nightmare Skirt+Vest (2010), Parerga: unknown frame dress, AaTP: Grimoir of the Moonlight Forest JSK II (2012)

This mystery Parerga dress is made from the same print as MM's "Classical Fleur" from 2007. Victorian Maiden has also used this print.
Grimoir of the Moonlight Forst has somehow become my first full set! Pic with headbow, necklace and socks.

black florals.png
BtSSB: Floral Pattern JSK (2006), Victorian Maiden: Tears Bustle JSK (2005), IW: Angel Rose Cross Ribbon JSK (2007)

I just realized both pink florals look almost the same from a distance... But the Baby one has awesome texture, and Angel Rose has angels of course.
Tears Bustle does indeed bustle up in back. It's very becoming and made of corduroy!

beige jsks.png
Excentrique: Dobby Check Corset (2008), Lapin Agil OP, Innocent World: Antique Book JSK (2010)

Dobby Check is my picnic dress, hence the basket.
This Lapin Agil OP is my one token non-cutsew OP because I sweat too much for sleeves. u.u'
Antique Book is the only dress I can tolerate teddy bears on.

brown jsks.png
Innocent World: Cendrillon Scallop JSK (2012), Angelic Pretty: Musee du Chocolat Low Waist JSK (2013), Metamorphose: Classic Bouquet Low Waist Pinafore JSK (2016)

Somehow, Musee has remained my only AP dress. AP needs to make more A-lines and low waists!

Innocent World: Crown Carousel Bustle JSK (2016, Grazia Crown (2014), h.Naoto Seven (2010)

angel jsks.png
Metamorphose: Angel Garden Ribbon JSK (2012), Innocent World: Classical Angel JSK (2007), Angel Print JSK (2005)

Angel Garden is my fave Meta dress, it fits sooo well!
Classical Angel is another majorly underrated print..  Ithas crowns and angels and keys all together! The fabric even has roses woven into it!
Angel Print is my the only yellow item I've ever worn, and I actually love it. The print is from Victorian Valentine's Day cards.

light florals.png
BtSSB: Floral Print A-Line JSK (2006), Metamorphose: Floral Twill 3-Tier JSK (2002), Innocent World: English Rose JSK (2010)

Floral Print has fabulous textured fabric!
English Rose is pictured pinned up on one side cause that's how I wear it... It's too long for me but I can't find a shorter one. >>'

lacey pink jsks.png
Innocent World: Rachel JSK (2008) on both sides, ETC: Velvet JSK with Knit Lace (middle)

Love the Rachel JSK (obviously), it goes very will with my favorite blouse. Still looking for this in black though!
This ETC JSK is oddly larger than every other ETC piece I own.

Last year I had very few non-casual skirts. (like 4 total?)
Since I wear h.Naoto skirts almost every day I'm not full lolita, when I dress up I usually want to wear dresses and feel fancy. Something about wearing skirts and having an extra half of my blouse out feels strange and lazy...
But this year I've tried to get more into skirts and found some that I actually feel really good about!

fave skirts.png
Innocent World: Angel Rose Birdcage (2013), AaTP: St. Mephisto Cathedrale (2010), Innocent World; Cross RIbbon Skirt (2003)

Angel Rose Birdcage was another goal print this year. I missed the JSK like 4 times, but I actually find myself wearing this skirt a lot!

naoto skirt 1.png
h.Naoto Steam: Bustled Skirt (front+back), Angelic Pretty: Holy Lantern (2015)

naoto skirt 2.png
h.Naoto Frill: Crown Print Corset Bustle Skirt, Innocent World: Chiffon Stripe Skirt (2011)

aatp skirts.png
AaTP: Regimental Coursel (2017), Merry Making in the Ghost Town (2013), Queen's Coach (2010)

Regimental Coursel may be an ugly print, but the cut is incredibly becoming and it actually has pockets!
This Queen's Coach set is another favorite of mine, the print is very detailed.

vm skirts.png
Victorian Maiden: Classical Bouquet Tiered Skirt (2011), Flowery Flocky Skirt+Bustier (2014), BtSSB: Olivia Skirt (2005)

Classical Bouquet is definitely my most becoming skirt.
Flowery Flocky is very lightweight and perfect for summer.
Olivia is made of beautiful fabric with very subtle flowers woven in.

Recently I've been getting a lot of blouses, but I just find myself wearing the same ones over and over again. >>'
(excuse the petticoat with most blouses, I was taking pics as I used these for my dress pics)

meta blouses.png
Metamorphose Crown Label: Tulle Lace Switching Blouse (2009) white and ivory, h.Naoto Steam (middle)

This Meta blouse is my favorite blouse! I just found the ivory one last month, and now all I need is the black one so I can never wear another blouse again.

taobao black blouses.png
Yilia, Lolita Princess x2 (Taobao)

This Yilia blouse fills the hole in my wardrobe that the black Meta blouse from above is supposed to go in.
Middle blouse is fleece lined, so I'm forced to live in it in the winter if I don't want to freeze. I have it in white, peach, and navy too.

baby blouses.png
BtSSB: Polkadot Chiffon Short Sleeve Blouse (2014), Back Pin-Tucked Blouse, Waist Shirring Blouse

There are way too many releases of the second two blouses to figure out when they're from.

etc blouses.png
Emily Temple Cute: Elastic Sleeve Blouse, Polkadot Chiffon Blouse, Chest Lace Blouse (idk official names)

First blouse has awesome shirred sleeves and breathable lace around the top sections.
Last blouse has lace across the chest that just peeks out when worn under a JSK

iw short sleeve blouses.png
Innocent World: Pearskin Double Lace-Up Blouse (2016), Petit Ribbon Blouse (2012), Heart Chemical Lace Blouse (2011)

iw blouses 2.png
Innocent World: Pearskin Square Neck Blouse x2 (2011), AaTP: Prince Conrad Short Sleeve Blouse (2011)

ap blouses.png
Metamorphose: Chiffon Inset Lace Collar Blouse (?), Angelic Pretty x2

vm blouses.png
Victorian Maiden: Flat Collar Lace-Up Blouse (2004), Lace Ribbon Stand-Up Collar Blouse, Axes Femme

bodyline blouses.png
Bodyline: Chest Shirring Babydoll (ivory and black), Ladder Lace Blouse
I pretty much only have these Bodyline shirring blouses as placeholders until I can get "real" ones from Baby, but I'm never fast enough to buy them.

extra fancy blouses.png
Ozz Croce, Soufflesong, Sweet Fragrance (Taobao)

taobao white blouses.png
Yilia, Tiny Garden, Taobao Offbrand

I have the Yilia and Tiny Garden blouses in black too.

Not too much change with these this year.
Back views of boleros 'cause boleros have to have cute backs too.

Axes Femme, Innocent World: Tenor Bustier (2006), Ozz Croce

I almost never wear vests.

axes boleros.pngaxes bolerosb.png

Axes Femme

I actually really like these cheap lace boleros for contrasting colors.

naoto shortsleeve boleros.pngnaoto shortsleeve bolerosb.png

h.Naoto Frill, Honey, Jelly

naoto longsleeve boleros.png
naoto longsleeve bolerosb.png
h.Naoto Frill x3

Can you tell I love these h.Naoto lace-up boleros?

iw boleros.png
iw boleros b.png
Innocent World: Angora Bolero (2006), Tulle Lace Bolero, Hangry&Angry

Angora bolero only has 2% angora.They probably made it like that just to use "angora" in the name.
H&A bolero is something I wear -a lot-

knit boleros.pngknit bolerosb.png
BtSSB: Heart Transparent Knitting Bolero, Atelier Pierrot, Ozz Croce

I also overwear this Ozz bolero. It's a perfect shorter length.

boleros no back.png
Shrine, h.Naoto Frill, Bodyline

Forgot to take back pics of all of these, but only the Bodyline one is interesting anyway.

swallowtail cardigans.pngswallowtail cardigansb.png
h.Naoto Blood, Frill, BPN

Blood cardigan isn't asymmetrical, it was just put on the dress form that way and never fixed.
Frill vest is velvet! It was freed from an attached shirt.

swallowtail jackets.pngswallowtail jacketsb.png
h.Naoto Jelly, Victorian Maiden: Swallowtail Short Coat (2012), BPN

This VM coat is the most beautiful thing with a-line dresses!

short coats.png
BtSSB: Jane Short Coat (2016), Liz Lisa, Metamorphose: Ribbon Short Coat with Cape 2014

I use the cape from the Meta coat all the time with at least 2 other coats.

coats with capes.png
h.Naoto Jelly, Innocent World: Heart Ribbon Trench Coat (2010), Sweet Angel

I use the Heart Ribbon Trench Coat as a rain coat and it works pretty well.

bustled coats.pngbustled coatsb.png
Metamorphose: Dolly Bustle Ribbon Coat (2011) brown x white+black,  Angelic Pretty unknown coat

The Dolly Bustle coat in black is what I wear basically every day. I'd happily get the pink verson too and complete my set.
AP coat is awesome and always gets compliments, but I can't find any info on it.

Accessories - Bags and Footwear


(In awful lighting because my living room rug is occupied)

Liz Lisa, Moitie, Angelic Pretty: Horror Coffin (2015), h.Naoto
: Napoleon Fish, Twin Ribbon, Ribbon Heart Bag x2
Axes Femme, Innocent World: Lace Scallop Treasure Box Pochette (2012), Diamond Scallop Pochette (2015), Antique Book Pochette (2011), little Taobao bag
Offbrand, Liz Lisa, Loris, Liz Lisa
h.Naoto frill x3, Liz Lisa, h.Naoto Blood

My bag collection suddenly grew to max capacity this year when I stopped using the h.Naoto blood bag for literally everything.

Same awful lighting with 50% more socks than last year.
Row 1: Mostly Taobao with some ETC in the middle

Row 2: Putumayo x5, Innocent World x11, AP, Offbrand, IW x5
Row 3: Hangry&Angry, BtSSB x7, AaTP 2, AP x5, Meta, A+Lidel, Enchanted Dreamwear x4, Moitie

Not looking for specific names, but I can find them if you want.
This isn't including set socks, which hang with their matching dresses. Or plain socks with lace tops, or tights.

Shoes for Winter

Axes Femme, Taobao, Angelic Imprint x2
Earmuffs from Sweet Dreamer, BtSSB: Bunny Ear Muffs x2
If it's under 25 degrees, I'm probably in these long Angelic Imprint boots. They're actually very comfortable along with being warm.

Axes Femme rainboots and 2 Lumiebre umbrellas.

Totally forgot my Lumiebre rain cape, but there was nowhere to hang it in this pic anyway. :x


Offbrand Japanese (real leather with wood soles!), Gururu, h.Naoto, Offbrand
Taobao x2, Bordello, Fluevog, Rieker x4, Yosuke, Rieker again

Shoes and Sandals
shoes and sandals.png
Montreal, Fluevog, Bodyline, Castle Too, Angelic Imprint, Olive+Edie, Angelic Imprint, Taobao, IW, Axes Femme, Sosic Shop (have this in brown and black too)

Angelic Imprint x2, Olive+Edie, Liz Lisa, Axes Femme x3, Taobao

Waist Accessories

Miss Point x2, Handmade: by me, Sheglit: Ribbon Corset (2015), AaTP: Alphabet Labyrinth Lawn Frill Apron (2019)
This apron has shockingly large pockets! It's also my most recent released item.



Taobao (have this in 3 colors), Handmade: By me, Offbrand
Taobao, Handmade: Me again, Offbrand: Callanan
Taobao x4, Vintage

Cause this is a thing now

Made by me x3,
Etsy, 2 more by me, Japanese handmade
Hangry&Angry x2, made by me with H&A fabric

Yes, I do love headbands.
Row 1: Taobao

Row 2: Moitie, Marerga, AaTP x2, Meta, AP, IW, Taobao x3, Handmade, Skeleanimals

Necklaces and Wristwear
Little Cross + Coffin: Alchemy Gothic, Doll Ear: Martha Rotten, Black rosary and cameo with feathers: Excentrique, Beaded necklace with frame: AaTP: Grimoire, Gold+black necklace next to cameo: Vintage from 1930, Pink rose and pink cameo and charm bracelet: Romantic Crafts

Q-Pot. Chocolate Swan Earrings, cuffs mostly Taobao except 2x Baby and 1 IW on the bottom right

Dark as always

Top row: Martha Rotten, Sheglit
Second row: Taobao, Betsey Johnson
Third row: Taobao+Vivienne Westwood
Everything else: Mostly Taobao, Hangry&Angry at the bottom

Easier to just show you everything rather than try to figure out how to stand up 20 rings at once
Top 2 rows: Nothing interesting except pearl brooch from an Axes Femme bolero

3rd+4th row, right side: Galena Cross ring, Taobao cross ring, Justin Davis Crown, Vintage, Patrick Cox double ring
Bottom rows, left side: Putumayo trump ring, Sheglit crown. Right side: Rings from Stepmom

This section is horribly shortened this year due to lack of time. There hasn't been much change with these anyway, so I'm just posting new arrivals. I promise to take a full inventory next year!

h.Naoto Frill, Putumayo, Hangry&Angry

There's something about this Frill bunny dress that I adore... I wore it way more than its fair share of days this year.

...But why are they all short sleeve?

h.Naoto Frill, Honey, Frill
again, Angelic Pretty x One Piece Collab, Hangry & Angry
I'd been looking for that APxOP collab for ages! (and missed it twice) I had to have it since I cosplay Perona.


Skirts: h.Naoto Dark Red Rum, Gouk
Underskirts: Axes Femme, BPN, Axes Femme (has bloomers attached!)
Others: BtSSB Cherry Lace Bloomers, Innocent World Cross Socks x2

These socks just got here, so they didn't make it into the official sock pic.

And a little bonus this time...

I spend too much time at home (especially this year), so I like to feel cute while lounging too!
This is not nearly all of it, just the cuter ones


Liz Lisa x My Melody x2
AP polkadot dress with ETC tights, BtSSB cutsew pocket OP

Hangry&Angry x2 (and slippers!)
h.Naoto Honey, Jelly

All Axes Femme
Bottom left is pretty much the most comfortable thing ever.

~The End~
... Except for some Final Words and Stats

I know, this post was late. For what it's worth, I started writing this while it was still January.. But I'm slow at everything I do. In fact, just typing up and arranging this post alone took 7 hours! Here are some more fun stats:

Time spent taking pictures: 12 hours
This post helped me eliminate: 48 items from my collection!
Dresses: 47
Skirts: 13 fancy, 13 casual h.Naoto, 9 underskirts, 7 petticoats
Blouses: 33 pictured, 6 unpictured
Boleros: 33 (do I really need this many?)
Coats: 9 long, 6 short
Shoes: 40 pictured, 2 unpictured
Bags: 26 pictured, 3 unpictured
Socks: 95 pairs taken out for pics, too many more in drawers
Headbands/headdresses: 29, 3 bonnets

Coming in the mail: 1 bolero (/addict), 2 shoes, 2 fancy skirts, 3 blouses, 5 hair bows/headdresses

2021 Goals!

  • Finally sell my soul to obtain a printed Moitie main piece, hopefully the original Cathedral print from 2007, Holy Queen (2009) or Frame Cross (2015)

  • Obtain IW's Rachel JSK or Noble JSK in black x white

  • Find the Baby Napoleon Fish Bag in white and the black version of my favorite Meta blouse!

  • Focus on getting matching items for sets

  • Sell more dresses to get the grand total under 45 (like that worked last year... hahaha...)

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