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Alyssiumbaby's 2021 Wardrobe post

Welcome to my 2021 wardrobe post
Not a great deal has changed for me over the last year. I did have every intention of reducing the size of my wardrobe, but only sold one dress and ended up with several more. Perhaps a lolita new years resolution will be, to get around to doing a closet clear out. With the pandemic and lockdowns in 2020 I didnt get out a great deal, so hoping that 2021 will be a little kinder

Metamorphose Daydreaming Goldfish JSK
Angelic Pretty Honey Cake Yoke JSK
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Cheerful Lemon JSK II
Angelic Pretty Strawberry Doll JSK Special Set

Alice and the Pirates Psyche,The Doctor and the Eternal Sun Shine JSK II
Angelic Pretty Sweet Cream House JSK
Angelic Pretty Cream Cookie Collection High Waist JSK Special Set
Angelic Pretty Melty Chocolate Short Sleeve JSK

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Kumya’s Sweet Ice Cream JSK II
Angelic Pretty Chocolate Rosette JSK Special Set
Angelic Pretty Chocolate Quartet Collar JSK
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Kuma Kumya’s Sweet Chocolate Baby Doll JSK

Peppermint Fox Tea Society JSK
Angelic Pretty Princess Cat OP
Angelic Pretty Royal Unicorn Gobelin Switching JSK
Axes Femme x Coca Cola collaboration JSK

Emily Temple Cute Biscuit Print Sleeveless OP
Baby the Stars shine Bright Kuma Kumya’s Royal Kingdom JSK I
Alice and the Pirates Tea Time Nostalgia JSK
Krad Lanrete The Twelve Constellations of the Zodiac JSK

Angelic Pretty French Cafe Chest Ribbon JSK
Alice and the Pirates Alice’s Wonder Marine Treasure OP
Jane Marple Fruit Candy
Baby the Stars shine Bright Polonaise Brillante ~Ideas of Maiden~ Apron JSK

Alice and the Pirates Treasure hunt in the Mystic Island Alvida JSK
Angelic Pretty Lucky Key High Waist JSK
Angelic Pretty Memorial libary JSK
Angelic Pretty Chocolate Rosette JSK

Metamorphose Vintage Cameo High Waist Pinafore JSK
Innocent World Original Chocolate Print JSK
Inocent World Westminster Choir Corset JSK
Lief Logo Ribbon Sailor OP

Innocent World Grazia Crown JSK
Mulberry Chronicles Antique Book JSK
Baby the stars Shine Bright Kumya-chan’s Love Love Valentine JSK II
Angelic Pretty Berry Garden Tiered JSK

Angelic Pretty Fantasic Dolly JSK
Alice and the Pirates Sleepless Masquerade in the Twilight JSK II
Atelier Angel Rennaissance/Elizabethan handmade OP
Axes Femme x Coca Cola collaboration JSK

Angelic Pretty British Keys JSK
Angelic Pretty Coat of Arms Tartan Switching JSK
Angelic Pretty Holy Lantern
Angelic Pretty Mercator Antique Shop JSK

Alice and the Pirates Tricky Nightmare Factory JSK II
Angelic Pretty Chess Emblem JSK
Angelic Pretty Holy Night Story Switching JSK
Angelic Pretty Loyal Rosette JSK

Jane Marple Royal Order Square JSK
Alice and the Pirates Royal Crown’s Tea Package JSK I
Metamorphose Grimoire, Magic book of starlight JSK
Metamorphose Fortune Tarot Lace Up JSK

Pumpin Cat Royal Corgi JSK

Miao Wu the Crimes of Grindelwald JSK
Handmade Hufflepuff inspired JSK

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Robe A La Francaise dress set
Baby the Stars Shine BrightMariage du Poupée Dress set
Baby the Stars Shine Bright White Hawase Dress set.
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Pink Hawase Dress set

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Heart Apron, blouse and Gingham skirt set
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Heart Karami Baby doll JSK
Baby the stars Shine Bright Little Red Riding Hood One Piece Coat
Alice and the Pirates Duran Striped Salopette

For those who made it down this far, I do have larger photos and more details descriptions of all items on my blog here
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