capuccincookie wrote in egl

Angelic Pretty Authenticity Help

Hi everyone! 

I recently joined the EGL community and was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers as to how to identify if my dress is an authentic AP dress?

The dress in question is Angelic Pretty's Chess Emblem OP in red and white. It has been my dream dress for five years now and I was able to purchase it from pre-owned. The seller had a large collection of pre-owned lolita dresses and accessories for sale so I figured it would be trustworthy. 

I got it a few days ago and I've been really thrilled about it, but since I've never owned an AP piece before, I couldn't tell if it's authentic and I really want to make sure. I looked online for some resources to help me, but they all say things like "unclear print" and "sloppy stitching" or "bad lace" — all of which I think I need a reference for.

If anyone can give some more pointers, that would be great! I can also post some photos or describe the dress in greater detail if anyone is willing to provide expertise. Thanks! 


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