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Wardrobe Post 2021

After many years i decided to do a wardrobe post again. 😂
I being into Lolita and started to build up a wardrobe since 2004. So it will be my 17th anniversary this year. Over the years my style and taste changed a lot (but somehow i always stayed on the dark side of fashion)

My last post was in 2017

Older posts can be found here

It's interesting how much my wardrobe changed.


_DSC0228 (1).jpg
♡Duomo di Milano - Open-Shoulder OP by EDEN (Chinese brand)♡

I truly love this OP. Isn't is special and beautiful? I'm amazed how chinese lolita brands getting better and better over the years.

_DSC0230 (2).jpg
♡raschel lace high collar op by Metamorphose Temps de Fille♡

My favourite Casual dress. I love to wear this at work because it's so comfortable. Also my only Meta dress right now. I love the designs of meta but most of the time the dresses are way too big for me 😂. Even this one form 2011 is little bit loose on me. But it doesn't bother me when i wear this at work. I can move perfectly in this.

_DSC0240 (1).jpg
♡ Tulle Tiered JSK by Moi meme Moite ♡

The smallest dress i own (it's too small for my mannequin so i have to let the zipper open)😂. Also my only item from moitie. I want to own more but same problem like meta. All new designs are way to big for me (plus i really miss the old moitie 😢) but i will not give up my search for a (affordable) older piece.
The blouse in the picture is from Atelier pierrot. I love this design so much so i bought it in black and white.♡

_DSC0243 (1).jpg
_DSC0254 (1).jpg
♡ A Off-Brand dress from Czech republic which perfectly fit the atelier pierrot aesthetic + Atelier pierrot princess sleeve blouse and corset half skirt ♡

_DSC0223 (1).jpg
♡ My Wife's Lovers JSK by Visible Milkyway (Chinese brand)♡
Another unique dress design made by a Chinese lolita brand. I love the print so much and also the different possibilities to wear this dress.

♡ Cat-patterned JSK from Diamond Honey (chinese brand) ♡

Got this dress for very cheap 😂 and because i love leopard pattern i can't hold back. I had to make some alterations until i was able to wear it properly (fixing the ruffles on the skirt and make the shoulder straps longer so it fits better on my body)
The corset in the one picture is from Enchantlic Enchantilly

♡ The Sibyls Jsk by Inori (chinese brand)♡
It's simply a piece of art! I also own the headdress and bow of this collection but i can't found it in my room right now 😂.

♡ Holy Lantern (first or second release.. i don't know) highwaist JSK by Angelic Pretty ♡
One of my most worn dresses. I love to wear it casually at work together with a belt. Because of this reason i removed the huge bow in the front. 😂

♡Princess Grizabella JSK by Alice and the Pirates♡

♡ Alice and the Looking Glass of Time JSK by Baby the Stars shines bright ♡

♡ Chain Bouquet Long JSK by Alice and the Pirates ♡

I love the iconic pirate Designs of AatP. In the past i also owned the other JSK version in red and ivory. But i sold them when i decided i don't will wear light coloured dresses so much anymore. Maybe one day i will get the black version of the other JSK.

♡ Opal Church Choir JSK by Alice and the Pirates ♡

♡ Jewelry Print Corset Skirt by Alice and the pirates ♡

The most pink item i own 😂 but i got it as gift from a friend and i love to combinate it with black.

♡ The Name of the Rose JSK by Alice and the Pirates ♡

♡ Relief Print JSK by Alice and the Pirates ♡

♡ Gathered Chiffon JSK by Alice and the Pirates ♡
Recently i own the Black x Black and the Black x Taupe version. In the past i also owned white x white, red x red, mint x ivory and ash rose x white. 😂 i sold them because i needed money. But i think one day i will buy some other colourways too. I simply love the design.


♡ Lace Pint Corset Skirt and OP by Alice and the Pirates ♡

I simply love this print.
The corset vest is from Qutie Frash.

♡ Vampire Requime Short JSk by Alice and the Pirates ♡

My holy grail. I love this print so much. I also owned the red version in the past but i had to sell them because of money reasons 😢. Right now i try to hunt down the long version for my collection. I hope i will be successful one day.

♡Funeral Procession of Rose long waist JSK by Alice and the Pirates ♡

♡Starry Sky Lantern and the Treasure Island in my Dreams JKS II by Alice and the Pirates ♡

♡ Versailles Rose Embroidery Corset JSK and Vest by Alice and the Pirates ♡

♡ Dolly Damask JSK by Angelic Pretty ♡

♡ Vintage Tulle JSK by Angelic Pretty ♡

♡ Praise of the Stars and Prayers of Angels Special JSK by Angelic Pretty ♡

No i don't have a problem with Tull-Overlay Dresses 🙈 Fun Fact: usually i got most of my Items secondhand. But somehow i wanted those dresses so badly that i didn't wait to get them 2ndhand and bought them immediately new xD.

♡ Chiffon Stripe Rose JSK by Innocent World ♡

♡ Le Retentissement De Versailles JSK by Krad Lanrete (chinese brand)♡

♡ Blanche Lace JSK by Victorian Maiden ♡

I like to wear this dress for formal occasions like weddings xD

♡ JSK by Victorian Maiden ♡
Somehow i didn't find the name of this design.

♡Regimental Crown JSK by Baby the stars shines bright♡

Nice Dress for Casual style at work.

♡Highwaist Skirt by Atelier Boz and Princess Sleeve Jacket by Marple♡

♡ Teufel von Hameln highwaist Skirt by Alice and the pirates ♡

I also bought this skirt to wear it at work. It have two pockets where my mobile phones fits in perfectly.

♡Jerenile Vest by Alice and the pirates ♡

♡ Short Vest and Pharis Vest by Alice and the Pirates ♡

♡ White Rabbit Salopette by Alice and the Pirates ♡

♡Vests by Black Peace Now♡

♡thin Coat by H.Naoto♡

♡off Brand jackets ♡

♡Rey Meles Coat by Alice and the Pirates ♡

♡Hell Bunny Coat ♡

♡ Hymn Long Jsk by Alice and the pirates ♡
(Old photo because i forgot to took a picture of this.)

Still on the way (i hope to revive both items next week)

♡my Socks / Tights collection ♡
Mostly AatP, Angelic Pretty and Innocent World
Sorry i'm too lazy to make single picture of all of them. 😂

Sorry no photos from my Accessories,pants, underskirts, bags or blouses (when not already featured in the main piece pictures) it's simply too much to make pictures of all of them. And the light is pretty bad at rhis time of the year.

Thank you for reading my post.

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