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Jelly's 2021 Wardrobe Post

My first closet post despite wearing lolita since 2014 ✌️ Better late than never I suppose. I would consider myself mainly sweet in style however I noticed an ever increasing amount of darker items in my wardrobe. In more recent years I really broadened my taste and slowly experimented with adding new styles and colors to my closet. I have to admit I ran out of time due to work, to fully photograph my entire wardrobe. I was able to take photos of most of my main pieces and a few of my favorite bags. Maybe next year I will be able to showcase the fuller extent of my closet

Blouse: Dear Celine
Brooch: Mosum (Taobao)
JSK: Angelic Pretty - Dream Fantasy

Blouse: Dear Celine
Necklace: Yori_xoxo
JSK: Angelic Pretty Jewelry Jelly

Blouse: Dear Celine
Necklace: Toki Meki Gabriel
Brooch: Nile Perch
JSK: Angelic Pretty Candy Sprinkle

I really love this ghost friend 👻 And the iridescent bow she's adorned with matches candy sprinkle very well!

Blouse: Dear Celine
Brooch: Angelic Pretty
JSK: Angelic Pretty Fancy Paper Dolls

Originally I really wanted this dress in the lavender colorway yet when I bought it years ago I settled on the sax. Its really grown on me however and I don't think I could part with it. I adore these tier style cuts and the extra poof they can produce when styled properly. Unlike here where it is a wrinkled mess lol

Blouse: Aurora and Ariel
Necklace: Angelic Pretty
Seashell Brooch: Taobao
JSK: Angelic Pretty Marine Kingdom

Over the years I have owned three versions of this same print. This was the cut and color I always wanted though 😂 This was also the first print I bought directly from AP with a shopping service. I ended up out of the bloodbath with both a lavender JSK and pink OP. After some time I sold the OP because I didn't find it flattering on myself. I hung onto the lavender JSK though until I secured this one some years later.

Blouse: Dear Celine
Bunnyears: Sanrio Puroland
JSK: Angelic Pretty Mary Gingham

I feel oddly sentimental towards this dress though I have a terrible time coording it from the bright pinks :^)

Blouse: Lady Sloth
JSK: Angelic Pretty Queen Trump

I was honestly quite shocked to find this dress in 2020. I really thought this would be one of my last dream items to hunt down. I hardly ever see this series go for sale and especially in this colorway. I feel like I really lucked out! I became enthralled by this dress after seeing it on display at the Angelic Pretty Museum exhibit (via online photos). I currently don't own much to coord it with for now. But I hope I can wear something cute with it in 2021! Again the bright pink is a bit challenging for me but I hope I can tone it down by pairing it with sax accessories.

Bunny Hood: Ergi by Piratessan
Blouse: Dear Celine
Apron: Angelic Pretty
JSK: Angelic Pretty Wonder Cookie

I believe this is one of my first Angelic Pretty dresses I bought. I really am in love with this series and print, and I would probably rate it as one of my all time favorites from AP. I have a lot of alice-themed accessories in my wardrobe so its easy to change up how I wear it. Thank you so much Bonni for replying to me on where you got your rabbit hood! This has become one of my favorite headpieces to wear ;; Its so easy to coord with AND the full hood design is really comfortable and easy to wear as well 👍

Blouse: Dear Celine
Brooch: Taobao
JSK: Angelic Pretty Milky Berry

I'm so so grateful for the wonderful Kei for selling me this print It's my all time favorite berry print and my best friend has her own in her closet as well. Her favorite motifs is strawberries and I just love twinning with her and doing strawberry looks with her ; _ ; Thank you again so much Kei! I was surprised she had such a sweet dress in her possession. But she reached out to me after I expressed interest in trying to hunt this dress down <3

Blouse: Lady Sloth
Necklace: Jelly Ultra
JSK: Angelic Pretty Fancy Melody

I am so obsessed with this series. Music/pianos are one of my all time favorite motifs and the fabric and construction of this dress is just stunning. I recently got this blouse in from Lady Sloth and I am so happy with it. It was my first time ordering but I plan to be a regular customer from now on! The blouses are so nice and fit perfectly.

Blouse: Dear Celine
Necklace: Angelic Pretty
JSK: Angelic Pretty Lovely Bunn

I'm really sentimental towards this necklace as I got it from a local comm member at my very first swap meet. She's since moved away from our city but she was such a fun and down-to-earth person to hang out with. Normally I find it quite hard to pair with items in my wardrobe, however I think I finally have a winning combo with this JSK/necklace set 

Blouse: Lutra Jump (Taobao)
Apple Clip: MILK
Skirt: Violet Fane Otome Nostalgia

One of the two skirts I own. I rarely buy skirts but I was tempted by this Otome Nostalgia series ♡ My favorite artowrk on the print is the lacrosse girl! You hardly ever see anything lacrosse ANYWHERE, I was really excited by that haha! The MILK apple clip is actually a hair clip, but I was able to secure it to the blouse. The blouse is another great find by Avina  ! She shared her great taobao find in a mutual discord server we were in 😍 I think we placed an order in-around the same time after she shared the links. I was immediately pulled in by Lutra Jumps' girly and nostalgic aesthetic (which is exactly Avina's style too!) I'm always checking back in on Lutra Jump now to see their seasonal releases. Thank you Avina for sharing your great finds with me and others ♡

OP: Violet Fane Otome Nostalgia

Another Otome Nostalgia piece! :^) This was also my first order from Violet Fane, I couldn't pass up a sweet release from them! I am in love with the fabric they used for this series. Its so soft and smooth. The chunky heart buckles are also something I love about both the skirt and OP. I haven't had a chance to wear them yet but I really want to pair them with lots of red accessories 🍎

Blouse: Lady Sloth
JSK: Summer Fairy (taobao)

OP: Unicorn Tears (taobao)

I got this OP recently in the mail from a taobao haul. I honestly really love the quality. Buying stuff on taobao is always kind of a gamble for me because I sometimes dont like the quality or it doesnt fit in a way I like. However this both fits really well and is well constructed. Ive bought a lot of nurse hats on taobao over time and thank goodness they actually included sewn in clips on this one. Super easy to wear. If they re-released this I would consider getting it in the other colorway.

Necklace: MOEMOEzakka
OP: Sorceress and Nightingal

This was one of those times taobao was a gamble :^) While I still really like this dress for what it is, it's debatable as to whether its really lolita or not. To me, when I received it in the mail, it felt more like a nurse cosplay albeit a really cute one. The skirt length is quite short for me personally. I wanted to include it here with my little snippet of text for maybe anyone that was considering purchasing. I'm still going to hold onto it for the time being though.

Blouse: Dear Celine
Bear Hood: Ergi by Piratessan
Necklace: Angelic Pretty
JSK: Angelic Pretty Honey Cake

Cardigan and mushroom hat: Taobao
Deer brooch: Tinrobo
Mandrake brooch: Riese's Garden
Blouse: Lutra Jump
JSK: Lily of the Valley

Please forgive me... Classic is the style I'm most unfamilar with (・□・;) I really want to do this dress proper justice one day because I love mushroom motifs! I really need to get more pieces to wear this properly. One day I'll figure it out. I do really love pairing it with this felted mushroom cap hat though 🍄

Blouse: Taobao
JSK: Angelic Pretty Recital

This is a dress I looked for, for a while. I ended up finding it on my trip in Japan in 2019 at Maiden Clothing. The music note appliques are flocked 🎵

Necklace: Jelly Ultra
Blouse: Lady Sloth
JSK: Angelic Pretty Fancy Melody

I really want to own this JSK in all three colors, I'm only missing pink now!

Blouse: Lady Sloth
Hat: Alice and the Pirates
Jacket: American Vintage (Stanbury Uniforms)
JSK: Alice and the Pirates Dance of the Black Cats

I had such a random stroke of inspiration for this outfit after seeing the hat for sale on Closetchild. And everything came together so perfectly! I haven't been able to wear this out yet due to worldly events, but it will probably be the first thing I reach for when our comm can safely meet together again. I also had been pining after this print for a long long time, but I had written it off because it was always priced too high for me second-hand. I noticed that in 2020 though the price actually became much lower than what this used to go for. So it was finally my chance to pounce on it (get it...? because its called... dance of the black cats... (´⊙ω⊙`)! )

Blouse: Lady Sloth
JSK: Angelic Pretty Actress

Another one that had been on my wishlist for years that I happened to spot on closetchild one day. I always loved the contrasts of patterns and textures on this dress. And it ended up looking so great with the new Lady Sloth blouse! I love how the stripes match the striping on the dress 🖤

Blouse: Fanzy Fantazy Kids (Taobao)
Brooch: Dream Cathedral
Overskirt: Eat Me Ink Me
Skirt: Atelier Boz

My only other skirt I have in my wardrobe. I've always loved Atelier Boz designs and really crave to buy the roland jacket one day. The overskirt is amazing quality by the indie brand Eat Me Ink Me . The owner was kind enough to let me make an adjustment to the design. Originally it was with silver buckles, but I asked if it could be possible to do gold instead since it would match my wardrobe much better. I'm so happy with how it turned out and that she could make the adjustment for me! It has some reinforcement in the waist so it really looks flattering when its on. It looks really great with a ton of my spookier pieces as well. I especially love wearing it with my Holy Lantern JSK. The stained glass brooch was given to me by my friend who runs Dream Cathedral. We shared a table at an exhibit a few years ago! She's so innovative with resin application and techniques.

Blouse: Lady Sloth
Teeth Brooch: Yumi Yum Yum
JSK: Summer Fairy (taobao)

I love how this JSK matches so well with the teeth brooch I got! I adore the shimmery acrylic Yumi used in the release. I bought it in both the red velvet bow version and the black. We previously worked together on a tooth design necklace where she had sculpted original teeth and shipped them to me in Canada, and I went to work replicating them in my studio. We still definitely want to release more of the teeth necklace in the future, I know some people have been waiting for them 🦷 Yumi has been so patient with me, at times I had to put the project on hold due to life priorities. I actually almost never keep any of my handmade jewelry for myself, so I didn't have any of the teeth necklaces to pair with this coord :^) Yumi also created a fabric pattern of her teeth designs and sewed her own tooth JSK 😱🦷 That would be something to wear to the dentist's office haha! Maybe I should wear this coord next time I go in for a cleaning

Blouse: Fanzy Fantazy Kids (taobao)
Mini Witch Hat: Angelic Pretty
Necklace: Angelic Pretty
JSK: Angelic Pretty Ghost Night Bride

I was able to pick up this JSK and accessories a few years ago, it went on sale after Halloween. The JSK is one of my most comfortable jumperskirts to be honest. I love wearing witchy coords with it. I also love the bat wing collar of this taobao blouse however I had to replace the buttons completely. The original buttons were so difficult to use, they were extremely pointy stars that hardly fit through the button holes. Now I have some gold and black round buttons on instead and its actually possible to use as intended

Blouse: Alice Girl
Witch Hat: Antique Beast
Necklace: Angelic Pretty
JSK: Angelic Pretty Holy Lantern

I bought this on the first MTO of Holy Lantern, when they announced the new pink colorway. To be quite honest I was never super into the print but I kind of bought the hype and decided to purchase it. However I do not regret that at all because this has easily become one of my favorites to wear! It's just literally so comfortable. And very easy to coord. I really expected the front zippers to be decorative and was surprised when I received it that they do in fact work. I like mixing up coordinates by using either mainly black or mainly pink items. Such as pink blouse, bag, etc or vice versa.

OP: Ista Mori Nameless Poem

This feels like the dress that eventually sneaks its way into everyones wardrobe, doesnt it? I almost bought this years ago, I think on its first re-release. But I talked myself out of it. I kept thinking about it after all these years, so on the newest re-release I went for it. I just got it recently but so far I really like it. The cuffs and detachable collar are just perfection.

Blouse: Fanzy Fantazy Kids
Headband: Ugly Plants
Necklace: Angelic Pretty
JSK: Baby the Stars Shine Bright Enchanted ~Under the Candy Magic Spell~

A dress I bought in 2020! I really wanted to buy it on release but I had already pre-ordered Rosy Night Masquerade that same season in 2016. In the end I'm glad it worked out that way since Rosy Night seems to sell much higher second-hand then this dress. I adore over-the-top Halloween prints, especially with orange!

Witch Hat: Antique Beast
Blouse: Dear Celine
Bat Necklace: Melroseave
JSK: Alice and the Pirates Rosy Night's Masquerade

As I previously said, I bought this on release in 2016. It was my first AatP piece but not my first Baby piece at the time. I really loved the unique artwork of characters on the dress, especially the plague mask doctor and cat bartender. It was a tough choice between the red or purple colorway, but in the end I went with red and Im happy that I did.

And that is it for main pieces! Except two maxicimam items I didnt have time to take photos of ;;

As for bags, here are a selection of my best

Bags: Angelic Pretty

I have a love/hate relationship with AP bags. I love their designs but hate how the material just falls apart. I only will buy their thicker vinyl-like material bags now. Im not sure the specific term but you know it when you know it. The only bag I still have that isnt that nice thick durable material is the heart bag.

Bags: Angelic Pretty

I spent years looking for these pink piano bags, and to me are some of the crowning gems of my collection 🎹

Bags: Creamy Ice and Miracle_com_

I was able to buy these both at Design Festa 2019! I feel really lucky because especially Creamy Ice is hard to get online, her releases always sell out super fast!

Thank you for taking a peek at my wardrobe! I apologize again for not being able to catalog everything fully. I also wish I had time to steam or iron some especially wrinkly pieces but it is what it is. I hope I can continue making yearly wardrobe posts and see how my closet evolves over time. ♡

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