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totodedum's Wardrobe: 2021

That's right, baby, I'm posting my wardrobe super early!! I decided to get a head start on it this year and started to coordinate and take pictures around early August. It actually took me a surprising long time to get things together as I've been working a crazy amount of hours (thanks, Covid). Since my last wardrobe post was three years ago, I thought it was high time to post added items I've acquired since 2018.

For my 2021 post, I'm doing a similar coord layout with only the added pieces named in the caption. I reuse a lot of my basic items in my wardrobe and most of them were already itemized in 2018. I also skipped adding the socks/shoes/bags for the coords this year (which part of me regrets ;_;). Although I kind of miss seeing the complete coord photographed, doing it this way did save me a bunch of time when I was styling and helped me to not give up and cry halfway through, lol. Also, sorry in advance for the TV behind the dress form...I lost my sewing room to a roommate and have been displaced to the living room for sewing and picture taking. ;__;

❤ All underskirts are from Lady Sloth.
❤ All things that are off brand/thrifted aren't mentioned.
❤ If you didn't know already, this post will be image heavy. =^.^=
Feel free to click on the image to get a clearer look!

LEFT: Lady Sloth Spirit Board JSK (OTT Version) (2019), Wax Poetic Shop Vintage Photo Rosette, Handmade Hat
CENTER: Metamorphose Shirring Frill JSK (2010)
RIGHT: Maxicimam Lyric Rose Racine JSK (Lovely Size) (2018), Sakurada Fawn Alice's Cherry Liqueur Blouse

LEFT: Gloomth Victoria OP
CENTER: BerriMori Water Jade OP (2017), Cutie Creator Rose's Bride Hair Comb
RIGHT: Milk Handmade Miss Piaget JSK (2020), NiuNiu Doll Collar Blouse, Wax Poetic Sparkly Crown Rosette

LEFT: Fan+Friend Chiffon Lover Mid-Calf Tiered Flared Skirt (2014)
CENTER: BTTSB Rose Candle Lucky Pack JSK (2008?)
RIGHT: Lady Sloth Spirit Board Skirt (Casual Version) (2019), Violet Fane Shop Victorian Paranormal Society Enamel Pin (2017)

LEFT: BTSSB Chelsea Head Bow (2004), BTSSB Shirring JSK (2005), Sakura Fawn Cherry Liqueur Chiffon Blouse, La Luice Lewis' Rabbit Rucksack
CENTER: Bodyline Heartful Wish JSK & Headbow (L445) (2012), NiuNiu Doll Collar Longsleeve Blouse
RIGHT: Metamorphose Summer Polka Dots Chiffon Shirring Pinafore Dress Lucky Pack JSK (2012), NiuNiu Summer Mesh Overdress

LEFT: Metamorphose Winter Tweed Shirring JSK (Unknown)
CENTER: Hinana Queena Moon Tide Skirt (2018)
RIGHT: Chérie Cerise Bees & Lace Princess Cut JSK (2020), Wax Poetic Shop Honey Bee Rosette

LEFT: AOWlolita Undead Treasure Suit Set and Tricorn (2019)
CENTER LEFT: Haenuli Beauty and the Beast JSK & Headdress (2018)
CENTER RIGHT: Metamorphose The Wheel of Time Shirring JSK (2014), Maid Handmade Tiramisu Floral Rosette, Star Glazed Delights Brand Whore Statement Necklace, NiuNiu Palace Lace Blouse
RIGHT: Bodyline Floral Cameo Wallpaper Print Shirring JSK (2007), Sakura Fawn Trumpet Sleeve Crop Blouse

LEFT: Metamorphose Magical Artifact JSK (2020), Handmade Hat
CENTER: Metamorphose Swan Garden Pinafore JSK (2014)
RIGHT: Hinana Queena Prophesy of the Star Rerelease (2019), Imaginary Tailoring Time Dilation Necklace

LEFT: Haenuli Stained Glass of St. Giles Printed Bodice JSK Farewell Rerelease (2019), Narcissique Couture Black Velvet Belt
CENTER: Haenuli Notre Dame de Paris JSK (2017)
RIGHT: Haenuli The Librarian Lady JSK (2016), Metamorphose Rose Tulle Dressy Hair Clip (2016)

LEFT: Hinana Queena Fairy Doll JSK (2018)
CENTER: Hard Candy Angel's Redemption OP
RIGHT: Gloomth Red Riding Hood Jsk, Bee Ribboned Strawberry Kanzashi

LEFT: Henrietta British Moonlight OP (2019), Mausu Mimi Cameo Rosette Brooch (2020), IzzyBees Treasures Lover's Eye necklace & Brooch (2020)
CENTER: Metamorphose Secret Eden Mini-Length JSK & Headbow (2015)
RIGHT: Crown Label Cotton Candy Shirring Pinafore JSK (2012), Paradise Rose 2-Way Multi White Fuzzy Shooting Star Barrette (2020)

LEFT: Bodyline Elise Ball JSK (L489) (2012), Sakura Fawn Cherry Liqueur Chiffon Blouse
CENTER: Chérie Cerise Mermaid Jewelry Ribbon Rococo JSK (2017), Velvet Nebula Imagination Between Clouds Chiffon Cropped Blouse (2017), Lucky Star Elegant Pearl Necklace, Milky Way Jellyfish Bag (2018)
RIGHT: Lady Sloth Tea Time at Grandma's JSK (2020)

LEFT: Milianda Dance Macabre Dress (2020), Fox Cherry Rose Skeleton Rosette, Fox Cherry Crown Rose Skeleton Rosette, Fan Plus Friend Imaginary Teahouse Faux Leather Cincher (2020)
CENTER: L'Esprit de la Noblesse Pray for Life JSK (2018)
RIGHT: Violet Fane The Funeral Skirt (2020), Violet Fane The Mourning Locket Brooch (2020)

LEFT: Kaneko The Feast JSK (2020)
CENTER: Eat Me Ink Me Old Masters Botticelli JSK (2019)
RIGHT: Violet Fane Memento Mori JSK (2020)

LEFT: Haenuli Sleeping Beauty Basic Design OP (2012), Handmade Violet Fane Rose Ribbon Brooch
CENTER: Handmade JSK, Vanillas Traumfabrik Insignia Elegant Two-Way Clip (2015), Star Glazed Delights Brand Whore Enamel Pin with Drop Pearl
RIGHT: NiuNiu Girly Jam OP (2019)

LEFT: Lady Sloth Nevermore "Death" JSK (2020), Red Maria Snowy Church Night French Hood
CENTER: Sweet Loser Lolita Eyes JSK & Headbow (2020), Atelier 17 Dark Fairy Tales Snow White Royal Heart Brooch (2020), Linggo Anatomical Heart Necklace (2020), Immersive Apparel Planchette Pin
RIGHT: Metamorphose Tartan Check Shirring JSK (Unknown)

LEFT: NiuNiu Split Color JSK (2018)
CENTER: Long Ears & Sharp Ears' Studio Kylin in Red Flame QiPao JSK & Headdress
RIGHT: Alice Girl Cat Portrait JSK

LEFT: Sweet Addiction Roses & Cats JSK (2018)
CENTER: Bodyline Magical Trump OP (L518, Modified to JSK) (2013), NiuNiu Doll Collar Blouse
RIGHT: Metamorphose Melody Poodle Tiered JSK & Hairclip (2011)

LEFT: NiuNiu Heavenly Music OP, Tuan Corduroy Jacket, Sacred Love IV Dans le Ciel II Angel Brooch
CENTER: Metamorphose Perfume Bottle Shirring JSK (2010)
RIGHT: Metamorphose Marine Border Shirring JSK (Modified) (2008), Dream Cathedral Salty Seagull Brooch

LEFT: Alice Girl Cat Portrait JSK, Elegant Cat Lolita Cat Brooch
CENTER: Glittertale Sweet Tea Party JSK & Hair Clips, Glittertale Knit Cropped Button Cardigan
RIGHT: Metamorphose Swan Garden Pinafore JSK (2014), Yami Rabbit Handmade Butterfly Dream Side Clip

LEFT: Glittertale Kitten with Letter JSK
CENTER: Bodyline Charlotta JSK (L348) (2019), La Luice Lewis' Rabbit Rucksack
RIGHT: Long Ears & Sharp Ears' Studio Bunnies in London Round Collar JSK & Headbow (2018), Shy Lapin
Dapper Rabbit Brooch (2017)

LEFT: Metamorphose Tartan Check Shirring Pinafore JSK (2014)
CENTER: Milk Handmade Dragon Festival JSK & Hairclip (2020)
RIGHT: BTSSB Floral Self Fabric Frill JSK (2003), Elegant Cat Flower Ball Jewelry Headdress (2015)

LEFT: Haenuli Enchanted Fawn JSK (2016)
CENTER: Hinana Queena Antique Clock Skirt (2017), BTTSB Frist Accessory Set Bow (2005)
RIGHT: NiuNiu Girly Jam JSK (2019), NiuNiu Doll Collar Blouse

LEFT: Adorable Lolita and Otome Cats On The Shelf JSK (2019)
CENTER: Haenuli Enchanted Fawn JSK and Headbow (2016), Hinana Queena Prophesy of the Star Rerelease Bow Brooch (2019)
RIGHT: Hinana Queena Antique Clock JSK (2017), Shy Lapin Custom Key Brooch (2017)

LEFT: Metamorphose Blooming Garden Shirring JSK (2010)
CENTER: Crown Label Magical Painting Shirring Pinafore JSK (2013), Teddy Chocolatier Bear Brooch (2012)
RIGHT: Metamorphose Swan Garden Pinafore JSK (2014)

LEFT: Teddy Chocolatier Shirring Pinafore JSK & Headbow (2012), Shiny Tale Chocolate Macaroon With Almonds Necklace (2016)
CENTER: Princess Crown Bouquet Shirring JSK & Headbow (2009)
RIGHT: Flower Print Shirring Pinafore JSK (2013)

LEFT: Milkribbon Milchmädchen JSK (2017)
CENTER: NiuNiu Picnic Rabbit JSK (2019), Shiny Tale Royal Spring Bunny Brooch (2016)
RIGHT: NiuNiu Picnic Rabbit JSK (2019)

LEFT: Hinana Queena Fairy Doll JSK (2018)
CENTER: Lady Sloth Tea Time at Grandma's JSK & Necklace (2020)
RIGHT: Sweet Addiction Icing Cookies JSK (2018), Alice and The Pirates Pearl Bow Hair Clip Headdress (2014), Kadiaa Art Gold Picture Frame Spoon and Bow Pin

LEFT: Violet Fane Cabinet of Curiosities Dress (2020), Mossbadger Lover's Eye Rosette (Snake) (2020)
CENTER: Floral Print Classical JSK & Headdress (2013)
RIGHT: Happy Bell High Waist Shirring JSK (2013)

LEFT: Violet Fane The Funeral Skirt & Brooch (2020)
CENTER: Metamorphose Snow Globe Shirring Pinafore JSK (2012)
RIGHT: Pearl Doll Polka Dot JSK Set (2020)

LEFT: Violet Fane The Funeral JSK (2020)
CENTER: Hinana Queena Fairy Doll OP (2018, Modified to Skirt)
RIGHT: Metamorphose Double Edged Lace Tiered JSK (Polka Dot) (2007)

LEFT: Metamorphose Rose Stripe Shirring Pinafore JSK (2014)
CENTER: BTSSB Floral Self Fabric Frill JSK (2003)
RIGHT: Metamorphose Happy Bell High Waist Shirring JSK (2013)

LEFT: BerryMori Twilight Oriole JSK (2018)
CENTER: Hinana Queena Fairy Doll JSK (2018)
RIGHT: Hinana Queena Fiona OP (2019)

I do have a ton of other smaller items but they tend to be little bows, additional headgear, and of course my shoes and bags. I'll save those for another time as I do still have some items in the mail I'm still waiting on. Interested in what they are? See below!

What's in the mail:
❤ BTTSB Cherry Rose JSK, Hairbow, and Socks (2013)
❤ Lady Sloth Paper Menagerie JSK, Hair, and Accessories
❤ Lady Sloth Elegant Mesh Blouses (2020)
❤ Lady Sloth Gone Batty JSK and Headbow
❤ Mossbadger Chiropteran Garden Regular JSK Re-release (2020)
❤ Enchanted Lolita Chiffon Overdress
❤ Puvithel Crystal Heart Necklaces Re-release (2020)
❤ Surface Spell Lace-up Stripe JSK, Vest, and High Waist Skirt
❤ Milk Handmaid Bear Cardigans (2020)
❤ Hard Candy Milk Ball Rabbit Shirt, JSK, Coat
❤ Sweetwood Lolita Nyx's Kiss Square Neck Dress, Gloves, Hairbow, and Necklace (2020)
❤ Miao Miao Workshop White Tea Straw Headdress and Hat
❤ NiuNiu Picnic Rabbit JSK
❤ Sakura Fawn Cherry Liqueur Haori
❤ Fawn Summer Mutton Sleeve Blouse
❤ Little Dipper Cherry Cardigans

Thanks for scrolling until the end! Coording everything was a pain in the ass to do, but so worth it! Goals for this year? Adding more brown to my wardrobe...and I think moving in the direction of more classical or gothic themes. :) Also, even more handmade dresses! Comments and questions welcome, thank you!

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