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2020 Wardrobe Post!

We're late! But we took the final photo on Januari 31st at 23:56. Just as last year, this post is for two persons, Nikolai (IG: @sorgevinter) who used to be a daily EGL Mana-clone but now is a daily boystyle hobo, and Jenny (@angelicprettystarshine) who is a daily lolita/otome/himekaji/whatever you want to call it. As can be seen Niko's wardrobe shrinks for each year while Jenny's keeps growing. Mainly due to limitations in time and motivation. Not shown: the 10+ brand items (MmM, VM, Baby, Aatp) stuck in alteration limbo, bloomers, pettis, hats, umbrellas/parasols, shoes, an almost complete GLB collection, other lolita publications, a million brand clearfiles, catalogs, cards, posters etc, as well as a million items from Imai Kira, Yoh's Monochrome World and similar. Just assume there are more of everything.


Angelic Pretty Sugary Carnival JSK with AP blouse and Imai Kira keychain turned necklace. In the background framed pages from the MmM 2002 catalog.

Angelic Pretty Sweetie Violet JSK paired with the same blouse and and an AP collar

Angelic pretty Fantastic Carnival JSK with yet again the same blouse and an offbrand star necklace

Angelic Pretty Fancy Paper Doll halterneck JSK with AP blouse and offbrand necklace

Angelic Pretty Little Bears café JSK with the same AP blouse 

Angelic Pretty Milky Planet halterneck JSK with the same AP blouse

Angelic Pretty Marine Kingdom JSK with yet again the same blouse. The lace at the bottom got stuck on the petti, sadly

Angelic Pretty Dream Fantasy JSK with, you guessed it, the same AP blouse

Baby The Star Shine Bright, Little Rabbit's Sparkly Droplet Rendezvous JSK in pink, same AP blouse

Mille Fleurs JSK with Moi-Meme-Moitie Blouse

Alice and the pirates Gathered Chiffon JSK with the same Moitie blouse

Angelic Pretty JSK with the same Moitie blouse and an Imai Kira keychain turned into necklace

Taobao JSK where I removed the small fabric gathering at the bottom due to it being super fragile and tearing several times. Paired with the same Moitie blouse 

Innocent World Carousel JSK with the Moitie blouse again

Taobao JSK with Moitie Blouse and offbrand necklace

Angelic Pretty Crystal Dream Carnival tiered JSK with Angelic Pretty Blouse. The JSK and the blouse has the same lace

Angelic Pretty Crystal Dream Carnival JSK with the same carnival lace AP blouse 

Bodyline JSK with Baby the Stars Shine Bright blouse

Angelic Pretty Horror Candy Shop with the most adorable bat lace ever created. Paired with BTSSB blouse

Same JSK, different colorway, same blouse

Innocent world flower JSK with two different pearl necklaces and Axes Femme cutsew

Cats Tea Party JSK and choker with Taobao blouse

OP pyjamas made by Niko, paired with Moi-Meme-Moitie choker

BTSSB cutsew pyjamas which we stuffed with pettis, usually worn without

Taobao OP, super comfy but can't go in the washing machine so handwash only, which is sad

Axes femme JSK with Angelic Pretty blouse

Dress made by Niko and Moi-Meme-Moitie, both too small for the mannequin

Dress made by Jenny, currently working on adding more lace to the bottom

Christmas dress made by Niko. 7 meters of fabric, 10 meters of lace, 15 meters of gimp braids and 40 appliques, all made in a week.

Skirts & Blouses:

Angelic Pretty Harlequinade skirt with taobao blouse

Angelic Pretty Powder Rose Frill skirt and Angelic Pretty blouse

Angelic Pretty Sweetie Violet with Angelic Pretty blouse

Angelic Pretty Day Dream Carnival skirt paired with Angelic Pretty blouse

Baby the Stars Shine Bright skirt with Angelic Pretty blouse

Moi-Meme-Moitie Cathedral skirt with MMM cutsew

Skirt made by Niko, blouse by Angelic Pretty

Alice and the Pirates skirt with Axes femme cutsew

Angelic Pretty Carnival skirt, with Angelic Pretty cutsew

Innocent World candy Poodle skirt with Emily Temple Cute 

Innocent world skirt, axes femme cutsew and cardigan

Beth skirt and Angelic Pretty skirt 

Liz lisa skirt with Angelic Pretty Carnival Dream blouse

Liz lisa skirt with offbrand blouse

Angelic Pretty skirt and blouse

Ank Rouge skirt with Angelic Pretty cutsew

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Bon-Bon Chocolat Dance Dance Dance skirt 

Emily Temple Cute Makeup skirt with Angelic Pretty cutsew

Baby the Stars Shine bright skirt with a heart laced Angelic Pretty blouse

Axes femme skirt with the same AP blouse

Bodyline skirt, with the same AP blouse

Another Axes Femme skirt with the same AP blouse

Baby the Stars Shine Bright skirt with Angelic Pretty blouse


Black Peace Now for men, buttons will some day be replaced. Shown with MmM shirt, handmade cravat and JetJ necklace.

Ralph Lauren

Giambattista Valli X H&M, this is the most expensive and ill-fitting garment I own.

Moi-même-Moitié, shortened by previous owner so it doesn't touch the floor for me.

Upper Mansion

Vintage cape in a floral jacquard.


Alice and the Pirates, altered.

AatP, altered.

Made by Niko.

Slowly disintegrating relic from the 1800s, altered. 


Brand, Off-brand and everything in between. WTB sax cutsews.

More offbrand lace cutsews


Angelic Pretty, Motie, Emily Temple Cute, Axes femme, and offbrand





Made by Niko, who only irons while sewing.

MmM, altered, this is the lacy size 2 version.

MmM, this is the lace-free men's version because Mana believes his male costumers dislike lace.

MmM, altered.

MmM, super faded print due to excessive use and machine washing.



All made by Niko.

AP, worn by Jenny around the house or as thick bloomers when temperature drops to -15 C.


Atelier Boz, I can't wear it with the collar up as shown though since Boz from my experience never ever uses interfacing in any of their products, kinda like Bodyline but for an extra zero on the price tag.


Moi-même-Moitié, best coat but these buttons are the worst.

Sheglit shown above an antique coat with replaces buttons, at the latest made during the 1910s, still a lot of wear in it left.


axes femme

Liz Lisa, that missing button was found today!

Liz Lisa

Angelic Pretty

an another angelus (f.i.n.t), a mere 200 yen on ClosetChild!

axes femme

axes femme


86 pairs of legwear shown here, the third pair of black x navy MmM diamond logo otks was somehow missed, there are two more further down in the post, additional 8 pairs on the mail and around 25 pairs of solid black and white brand and offbrand socks omitted for the photo.


Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Moitié, and offbrand


Four made by Niko, one Moitie, and two BTSSB


Left to right; Angelic Pretty, Innocent World and made by Niko

Berets and hats: 

Offbrand, Angelic Pretty, Imperial Fiddles Sticks Emporium and Axes femme


Made by Niko, Angelic Pretty, and offbrand

Jewellery and pins: 

A lot of stuff

Bows and small stuff: 

Some detached from skirts or dresses, and some brand and some not

AP brooches, offbrand cat brooch and capelet 

Big ones are Kaneko store, the small are either Violet Fane or taobao.

Antique embroidered bracers, handmade x 3, something from a mainstream brand, AatP waistties with new life, MmM and AatP ties. MmM, handmade, MmM, MmM handkerchief with a new life, rest MmM.

Not in order: MmM, Sheglit, JetJ, Chocomint (?), Gravelvet, antiques and offbrand, The floral locket with chain and small key in the upper right corner belonged to my great-great-grandmother. 

Néant Glass, MmM, antique, Guldfynd, repurposed spoon and something bought at a store in Men's Shibuya 109.

Not in order: antiques, misc fine jewellery, offbrand, that Swedish brand that makes copies from museum collections and that silver brand found at any expensive VK store in Shibuya or Laforet.


Baby the Stars Shine Bright (heart bags), Angelic Pretty (Striped star bag, bunny-bag), and offbrand (the rest)

Tote bags; Moitie, Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine bright, Alice and the Pirates, Axes Femme

Some of our novelties:

MmM, AP, AatP x Yoh.

AP, Baby, MmM, Milk, BPN.

Liz Lisa, AP, Baby, AatP x Yoh. 

axes femme, AP, Baby, AatP.

Things that turned up in the mail or were forgotten (not shown AP DDC parasol)

AP shoes and mittens, abilletage corset, Baby bow, AatP and IW socks, handmade brooch, offbrand hairclip, Liz Lisa and axes femme gloves.

In the mail: a lot.


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