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My wardrobe in the snow 2020

In winter, the lighting inside the log cabin where I live is terrible, so I photograph my wardrobe outside amidst the snow. Since this is probably the last time I'll be doing this, I wanted to go all out and do it actually during a snowstorm. The snow does get on the camera lens a couple times, but I still think it's pretty. Hope you do too!

Main pieces:
Metamorphose, Floral Pintuck OP
My ultimate dream dress.

The same floral pattern as my ultimate dream dress. I bought this when I thought I'd never be able to get it.

Alice and the Pirates, Cock Robin Mother Goose JSK
Altered, I put a zipper in the side.

Alice and the Pirates, Rose Marine JSK


Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Wiz Me Over the Rainbow JSK

Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Hem Scallop JSK

Gunne Sax

Gunne Sax

Haenuli, The Little Prince JSK


Dark Box, Kostelík Vech savtych a kostnicí JSK

Metamorphose, no-name floral JSK
My first lolita dress.


Moi-meme-Moitie, Iron Gate Skirt
One of my first purchases, I was surprised when I returned to active interest in lolita and found it was one of the most prized prints.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Little Red Riding Hood Applique Skirt
With a vintage vest, that I only realized was missing a button when I took the photo!

Bodyline skirt
In the same dream floral pattern of mine.

Bodyline skirt
I have the same skirt in beige, but it was in the laundry.

Vintage skirt


Metamorphose cutsew






You might notice it's the same as an off-white one above. I got this black one as a gift and I love it; it's so comfortable, so I sought it out in other colors.



This one has lovely lace and embroidery but it wrinkles so easily...


Gunne Sax


Gunne Sax



Axes Femme



These last few pictures show you how horrible the light is inside:
Hats and a few head accessories:

There's a Meta Brick House barrette on the dark brown hat, an Innocent Word Roman Trump headbow, and two Taobao headdresses, one with the removable bows from the Little Prince JSK. Everything else is vintage or offbrand.


Dark brown are Bodyline, pink are Taobao. The rest are offbrand.


Sorry again for the bad light!
Other than a rosary I wear at all times, brooches are the jewelry I wear most often. All these are vintage except the pink heart, which is Baby.

Thank you for looking! I hope you enjoyed it. As I mentioned, this is most likely the last time I'll be doing a wardrobe post, so best wishes to you all!

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